OCT En Face Boosts RNFL Defect Distinction

Not all diffuse defects may, in fact, be diffuse, based on new imaging tools.

OCT Reveals At-risk Metamorphopsia Patients

In those with epiretinal membrane, a particular presentation is associated with the visual distortion.

OCT-A Measures Corneal Neovascularization Depth

Study used en face and volumetric OCT-A to evaluate corneal NV in 3D.

Smartphone Tonometer Meets Clinical Standards

Prototype achieves IOP measurements comparable to GAT and others.

Formed Anterior Chambers May Still Leak

AS-OCT reveals subtle outflow of aqueous, despite a seemingly intact anterior chamber after corneal perforation.

Pattern ERG Can Assess CSCR Impairment

Findings revealed significant improvement but not a complete recovery after resolution.

OCT-A Artifacts Common in DR

The most often seen involved shadow, defocus and movement.

Stargardt Patients Now Divided into Three Subtypes

Researchers based the classifications on peripheral involvement.

EDI-OCT Helps Spot Pediatric Drusen

Study shows the imaging technology can uncover most cases.

Glaucoma Tech May Overestimate Progression

Normative databases use more reliable, short-term data, while long-term data is limited.

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