Online Drug Database Helps Inform Prescribers

The free, searchable software features “drug cards” offering vital information about several hundred ophthalmic medications, OTC tears and eyelid hygiene products.

Virtual Reality Headset Performs Visual Field Testing

The device, along with accompanying tablet PC and handheld controller, is faster and more flexible than traditional methods.

New Monthly Contact Lens Aims for Consistent Comfort

Total30 is surface-treated to promote bacterial resistance and minimize lens awareness for the full wear schedule, manufacturer Alcon says.

Three-in-One Device for Myopia Assessment

The Myopia Master measures axial length, refraction and keratometry.

Eye Tracking Device Can Aid in Detection of Oculomotor Dysfunction

Practices may be able to abandon manual sensorimotor testing for a new method that’s automated, quick and quantitative, the manufacturer says.

Macular Pigment Test May Open Patients’ Eyes

Those at risk for AMD will be amenable to interventions after a scan with the MP-eye device, says manufacturer Azul Optics.

Two New Products Help Naturally Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms

An eye drop and a lid cleansing wipe, both from B+L, are preservative-free and inspired by the biology of the eye, the company says.

Automated Pupillometer May Detect Neurological Injury

The new NPi-300 quantitatively measures pupil size and reactivity to inform prognosis for clinicians, the manufacturer says.

Preservative-Free Eye Drop Available in Multi-Use Bottle

New ocular lubricant from Oasis Medical stays sterile for up to 90 days, the company says.

Overnight Sensation? New Ortho-K Option Debuts

The REMLens achieves an 89% first-fit success rate, its manufacturer says.

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A New Perspective on Dry Eye
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