New Three-ingredient Eyelid Wipe for Blepharitis Debuts

The eco-friendly product contains Manuka honey, soy protein and purified water in a biodegradable bamboo-based towelette.

New Handheld Device Keeps IOP Measurement on Target

The lightweight rebound tonometer from Reichert gives real-time user feedback to ensure accurate placement, the company says.

B+L Launches New Scleral Lens for Advanced Corneal Conditions

With the Zenlens Echo, clinicians can specify numerous parameters using a slit lamp, OCT and profilometer, the company says.

Handheld AI Fundus Camera Detects DR in 60 Seconds

New automated device from Optomed features a 50-degree field of view to detect early-phase retinal changes and flags results as red or green.

New Treatment Pairs with BlephEx to Help Restore MG Function

“OptiVize,” as the company calls it, is indicated for monthly use immediately following blepharoexfoliation until meibum health improves.

Nutraceutical for Dry Eye Coming This Fall

Bausch + Lomb previewed a forthcoming product and pointed to company-funded research showing treatment effects possible after two, four and eight weeks of daily use.

New Punctal Plug Features Tapered End for Easier Insertion

The device is made with a degradable material designed to last about six months.

Contact Lens Ordering App Debuts

Alcon’s Marlo service keeps ECPs in control of the experience. The company augmented the platform with new features this week.

All-in-one Device for Ocular Surface Assessment Launches

This new tool can crank out results for 10 distinct tests that help diagnose and evaluate dry eye and OSD, developers say.

New Oculus Headset Touts Faster Testing

The Easyfield can assess a patient’s visual field, color vision and stereopsis using a lightweight, wearable device, the company says.

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June 4, 2024

Rethinking Dry Eye Disease: A Contemporary Approach to a Complex Condition
Location: Virtual
Presenters:  Karl G. Stonecipher, MD, and Jessica Steen, OD
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June 5, 2024

The Integrated Care Model – Best Practices for Efficient Management of EVO ICL Patients
Location: Virtual
Moderator: John Vukich, MD
Presenters: Eva Kim, MD, and Seamus Martin, OD
Webinar: 6:00pm PT

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June 13, 2024

The 3 I's of Geographic Atrophy: Imaging, Identification, and Intervention
Location: Virtual
Presenters: Joseph Nezgoda, MD, and Mohammad Rafieetary, OD
Webinar: 8:30pm ET

Sponsored by Apellis

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