Nasal Sector Circumpapillary Perfusion a Helpful Early Glaucoma Parameter

Macular changes in both the parafoveal and perifoveal areas indicate that this parameter may be important in the follow-up in patients with early VF findings.

AMD May Throw Off Some OCT Measurements

Clinicians managing patients with the nonexudative form of this condition should be aware that drusen can affect segmentation of the inner layers.

Smoking Intensity Tied to VF Loss Rate in Glaucoma

Patients who used to or currently smoke more than 20 packs a year progressed the fastest in this study.

Patients With RP at Increased Risk for Open-Angle Glaucoma

Eyecare providers should keep this association in mind when managing this patient population.

Glaucoma Severity at Presentation Similar Before, After Affordable Care Act

However, study shows there was a significant decrease in the prevalence of patients enrolled in Medicaid who presented with more severe disease post-policy change.

Glaucoma Risk Factors Distinguishable With Visual Field Test Combo

An alternative perimetry method may complement SAP by helping to identify clinical features associated with damage.

Optic Disc Tilt Linked to Lower Peripapillary Vessel Density

This result was distinct and reproducible with OCT-A.

Eyelid Rubbing, Squeezing Temporarily Increases IOP

This finding may have important implications for glaucoma progression.

Most Glaucoma Patients Don’t Undergo Perimetry Annually

Large study finds mean rate of 0.65 tests per patient per year, or about once every 18 months.

IOP May Be Influenced by Post-Menopausal Hormone Use

Other female reproductive factors may also contribute to a higher risk of increased pressure and therefore OAG.

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