Which Glaucoma Therapies Reduce Endothelial Cell Density?

Study finds procedures that don’t require implantation of a device typically have little effect, while those that do tend to have greater impact.

Pupil Tracking Spots Early Glaucoma

A computerized eye-tracker measuring steady-state pupil oscillations distinguished glaucomatous eyes from healthy controls.

Glaucoma May Impair Facial Recognition

Study using OCT shows field loss may not be the only visual deficit resulting from this condition.

How Glaucoma Impacts Driving and Mental Health

Review pinpoints how deterioration of visual acuity and function affects quality of life across multiple domains.

Melatonin May Benefit Advanced POAG Patients

This natural sleep aid can help regulate circadian rhythms and promote retinal health, two key factors in glaucoma.

CDC Aims to Break Down Telemed Barriers in Glaucoma

Three universities get funding for a five-year investigation into the logistics and clinical value of remote screenings.

Economic Burden Worsens for Glaucoma Patients

Studies found additional IOP-lowering drops led to higher costs with only short-term benefits and observed a spike in brand name med prices.

Glaucoma Patients at Lower Risk for Neurodegenerative Disease

While late-onset OAG shares similar characteristics with dementia and Alzheimer’s, researchers believe there are different pathogenic mechanisms at work.

10-2 VF Test Better Predictor of Central Visual Function

This option provides a more comprehensive description of defects over the 24-2C.

OCT-A Parameters Supplement Glaucoma Diagnosis

This modality may provide complementary information when structural OCT parameters reach the “floor” of their dynamic range, study finds.

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