Suboptimal Sleep Patterns Increase POAG Risk

These included ease of getting up in the morning and poor duration of rest.

Study Uncovers Link Between Optic Disc Hemorrhage and Glaucoma Progression

More pronounced visual field deterioration correlated with the size of the findings.

iStent Inject Plus Cataract Surgery Reduces Average Number of Glaucoma Drugs

After two years, the treatment group had an average of 0.6 fewer meds per eye compared to controls.

Researchers Advocate Monitoring Glaucoma Patients’ Ocular Pulse Amplitude

The metric can indicate disease progression, study finds. IOP fluctuations themselves, however, weren’t independently associated with visual field changes.

Get a Handle on Head-Mounted Perimetry

Learn how this option stacks up against the tried-and-true methods and how well you can integrate it into your practice.

Trabeculectomy More Cost-effective than Medical Treatment

This was the case for those with advanced primary open-angle glaucoma in a new study.

Dynamic Iris Changes May Contribute to Angle Closure in PACD with Long Axial Length

Less change in cross-sectional area might be a risk factor in these patients, researchers suggest.

Fostering a Sense of Autonomy Among Glaucoma Patients Improves Behaviors and Outcomes

A study looked at modifiable factors that could increase self-perceived ability and confidence to manage their own eye care.

Boston Kpro Fares Well Over 10-Year Follow-up, But Raises Glaucoma Risk

Study also shows that postoperative complications are frequent, leading to loss of best-ever postoperative visual acuity.

Routine Fundus Photography Crucial to Differentiate Glaucomatous vs. Myopia-related Changes

When evaluating progression of either disease, researchers advise comparing the most recent photo to the very first.

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