Consolidated Visual Fields Can Save Clinic Time

Combining 24-2 and 10-2 testing may effectively reduce the need for both while also boosting detection capabilities, study finds.

Glaucomatous Disc Hemorrhage Accelerates Central VF Loss

Combine use of 10-2 with 24-2 testing for more sensitive detection of disease progression, researchers suggest.

Lamina Cribrosa Distinctions May Explain Racial Differences in Glaucoma

Patients of European descent showed more optic nerve deepening compared to those of African lineage, suggesting a protective effect against IOP rise.

Fine-tuning OCT to Better Represent African Americans

Researchers demonstrated a way to improve identification of POAG in this population.

Optic Nerve Anatomy Holds Clues to Visual Field Defects

The position of the central retinal vessel can help predict the location of scotomas, study suggests.

Macular Vasculature Holds Clues to Glaucoma

Superficial capillary plexus vessel density was found to have diagnostic potential, researchers report.

10-2 Test a Better Predictor of Central Progression

This pattern may be more sensitive to VF loss in this area, study finds.

Home Lighting Improvements May Reduce Falls in Elderly

Vision impairment is among the top risk factors, but brighter environments can help, study finds.

Make Glaucoma Therapy More Patient-Friendly

Here’s how to better ensure patient adherence to treatment.

Black Patients May Have Stiffer Scleras

This increases the risk of POAG in this population, investigators report.

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