Trabeculectomy with Anti-VEGF Best for Neovascular Glaucoma Outcomes Short-Term

Injections can enhance surgery’s results for up to six months.

Cataract, Body Weight, RNFL Thickness All Factors in PACG

Study also shows hyperlipidemia, cholesterol, triglyceride, malondialdehyde and short-term antidepressant exposure are associated with the condition.

Alcohol Consumption Patterns in Men Related to Glaucoma Prevalence

A study based in Japan found both frequency and quantity provided a dose-response association.

Advanced Corneal Measurements Could Help Detect VF Progression

Stress-strain index and some indicators of scleral rigidity, measured at one month after initiation of latanoprost monotherapy, could be used as biomarkers.

An Antihypertensive Medication May Increase Glaucoma Risk

The association with calcium channel blockers appears to be structural and independent of IOP.

Academy of Ophthalmology Report Supports First-line SLT

A systematic review of level I-II data confirmed the procedure’s clinical safety and efficacy.

Glaucoma Progression Better Recognized by Newer VF Index

Called targeted mean total deviation, the metric could better detect changes in early to moderate forms of the condition through heightened sensitivity and faster rate of change over other indices.

Endophthalmitis Incidence 50% Higher in Glaucoma vs. Cataract Surgeries

Diagnosis also occurred several days later in the first group.

Choroidal Biomarker Mechanism Differs in POAG, PACG

EDI-OCT yields insights on vascular capacity showing that the two forms of glaucoma induce differing effects on blood vessels.

Normal-tension Glaucoma Risk Factors May Differ in the ONH

Detection sensitivity may be greater inferiorly.

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