Bioengineering the Retinal Pigment Epithelium

New stem cell-based therapies are paving the way for age-related macular degeneration treatment.

Serous Business

CSR can be treated a number of different ways—but should it be?

What's in Your Head?

How can this patient’s presentation and MRI explain his vision loss?

Dexamethasone Implants Can’t Keep Up with Anti-VEGF Therapy

Though convenient, they showed more IOP elevation and cataract formation than injections.

Severe Retinopathy Progresses Post-HCQ

It’s more important than ever to catch it early to prevent visual loss later.

Researchers Find Novel Target for CNV

The effect of neutralizing secretogranin III was comparable to that of aflibercept use.

Prelim Data Show Similar Outcomes for Two Anti-VEGF Regimens

Interim analysis at 12 months reveals AMD patients receive the same average VA gains.

AMD Linked to Defective Molecular Signal Path

TGF-beta may be a key therapeutic target for treating AMD.

OCT-A Can Distinguish Papilledema from Its Mimickers

The imaging technology is diagnostically accurate, according to researchers.

Statin Therapy Lowers Diabetic Retinopathy Risk

Study included patients with type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia.

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