Length of Sleep Might Yield Clues to Eye Disorder Risk

Longer duration was correlated with higher rates of DR, shorter periods with cataract.

Angle Closure Extent Correlated with IOP Elevation Risk

The relationship was nonlinear in this study; when the circumference exceeded 180°, pressure levels increased rapidly.

OCT: An Indispensable Tool in Retina Care

Learn how to use the plethora of clinical data provided by this technology to help detect and assess dozens of posterior segment conditions.

Diabetes, VF Damage, Sleep Apnea All Risk Factors for Fellow Eye Involvement in NAION

Study suggests more intensive follow-ups are needed for these patients.

Vitreous Opacity on OCT a Telltale Sign of Retinal Tear

The finding was seen in 86% of patients with posterior vitreous detachment who went on to develop this complication.

Retinal Fundus Camera Works in Ambient Light

The new device from Topcon also offers a faster processing speed than previous models.

Long-term Data Shows Metformin Doesn’t Prevent AMD

In patients at high risk of type 2 diabetes, healthy lifestyle changes also weren’t associated with a change in the presence or severity of macular degeneration.

OHT, Macular Edema Common Adverse Events Post-Capsulotomy

Study shows they were detected in more than 10% of patients, highlighting the need for close follow-up.

Geographic Atrophy Manifests Differently in Asians than Europeans

Most East Asians demonstrated smaller lesion size and slower growth rates—but not all.

Newest AMD Prevalence Estimate Says 20 Million Americans Affected

Nearly all—92.5%—are classified as early-stage disease in a new study that finds growth in this population.