DR Therapy Reduces Reading Ability

Panretinal photocoagulation can worsen acuity and speed—and overall quality of life.

OCT-A Imaging Can Detect Early Alzheimer’s

Decreased retina vessel density and blood flow correlate with symptomatic changes.

Lack of “Good” Cholesterol Linked to RVO

Not getting enough HDL-C is associated with greater eye disease risk.

DR: See Something? Say Something

Now that treatment can slow progression and even reverse severity, optometrists can get at-risk patients into a regimen sooner.

Aries Rising

Can you identify the reason for this woman’s severe decrease in acuity?

Anti-VEGF an Effective, but Temporary, RVO Solution

Recurrent macular edema rids gains in visual acuity.

Choroidal Vascular Changes Identify A-AION

Reduced vascularity may be useful in distinguishing A-AION from NA-AION.

High Myopia Linked to AMD Risk

Study also shows patients with both issues require more injections.

At Age 60, PVD Progresses Faster in Women

Study suggests macular pathologic features occur at a younger age in women.

Anti-VEGF Impacts Short-term Ocular Circulation

Study found immediate rise in IOP that decreased to baseline in 30 minutes.

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