Dry Eye

Chronic Dry Eye Hinders Career Success

The impact was in some ways comparable to that of severe disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Repeated Anti-VEGF Has Protective Effect on Ocular Surface

Frequent antisepsis of the eyelids reduces microbial load, staving off meibomian gland disease.

Older Women Tend to Have More Severe Dry Eye Signs

Study shows corneal staining, TBUT, tear osmolarity and a composite severity score of signs were significantly more severe in this patient population.

Sedentary Lifestyle Increases DED Risk

Screen use and physical activity level appeared to be two key factors driving this association.

New Biotrue Hydration Boost Drops for Soft and GP Lenses

B+L says that the solution matches the pH of healthy tears.

Undiagnosed Demodex May be the Culprit in MGD

Eradication in elderly patients was shown to improve dry eye symptoms; young patients didn’t fare as well.

Single-hand Eyelid Eversion Tool for MG Assessment

Called the Meivertor, it uses disposable tips to help eliminate contamination.

How Systemic Drugs Trigger Dry Eye Disease

More than 20% of the most popular oral agents in health care impact the ocular surface. Find out which are the biggest offenders and what to do about it.

Asymptomatic MGD Might Not Be a Concern for LASIK

These patients achieved similar post-op outcomes as patients without the condition.

Estimates of MGD, Dry Eye Prevalence in the US Vary Widely

Authors of a meta-analysis urge experts to develop consensus definitions of the conditions to help clinicians and researchers work with standardized criteria.