Dry Eye

Patchy Corneal Staining Pattern May Indicate Inflammation

This presentation could help guide the appropriate treatment for dry eye and Sjögren’s.

Mask-Wearing May Exacerbate Dry Eye Symptoms

Increased ocular discomfort may discourage people from following this safety protocol and must be taken into consideration.

New Diagnostic Clues Associated With Neuropathic Pain in DED

Patients with centralized sensitivity experienced more intense symptoms, study finds.

Younger Patients May Experience More Severe DED Symptoms

This group’s thinner lipid layer offered less protection against tear evaporation, study shows.

Gabapentin May Improve Neuropathic Ocular Pain in DED

Patients with no history of ocular surgery or trauma and higher corneal staining scores did better with topical treatment.

DED More Common in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Lacrimal and meibomian glands may be the main targeted tissues in these patients, researchers suggest.

Dry Eye in Optometry: Trends, Habits and Hang-ups

Our reader survey finds most ODs opt for simple diagnostic tests and familiar treatments, constrained by financial pressures from advancing their care.

Target Demodex Early in Herpetic Patients

Prompt diagnosis is key to staving off corneal infection, researchers report.

Vitamin B Combo Provides DED Relief

Dry eye symptoms improved significantly at two months following treatment with supplements and artificial tears, study finds.

Laptops Exacerbate Symptoms of Dry Eye

Outcomes varied among digital device usage, with smartphones having the smallest effect on the ocular surface and tear film.

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