Clinical Quandaries

Advice on how to handle tricky clinical dilemmas, especially involving comanagement with ophthalmology or another specialty. Edited by Paul C. Ajamian, OD

Not Cut and Dry

Optometrists must continue to discuss the risk of conversion with patients in the early stages of AMD.

Little Jack Horner

Calmly assess the possible underlying causes of this condition.

A Hiccup or a Burp?

Some may hesitate, but this technique can provide immediate pressure lowering and symptomatic relief to the patient.

Valsalva Salvo

This type of retinopathy presents with dramatic preretinal hemorrhages and sudden, painless vision loss.

Giving Up the Ghost

Don’t provide a cataract referral without first considering corneal rehabilitation.

When to Dread the Red

Sectoral injection may mean episcleritis, but scleritis should be on your differential as well.

Two-for-one Deal

When encountering bilateral macular lesions, think about retinal dystrophies, but keep other conditions in mind.

Cataracts in IMAX

An innovative new visual technology can benefit the surgeon in the OR.

RP Prognostication

Genetic testing can provide patients better perspective on how to handle this heritable disease.

Assuming the Worst

Careful observation and history taking is paramount when evaluating a swollen eyelid.