Clinical Quandaries

Advice on how to handle tricky clinical dilemmas, especially involving comanagement with ophthalmology or another specialty. Edited by Paul C. Ajamian, OD

A Nose for News

An exam of the adnexa and face can help identify possible tumors.

Fishin’ for Trouble

Managing traumatic hyphema requires vigilance during and after treatment.

Hard Knocks

Pay special attention to a patient’s ocular health after they experience a head injury.

Lighten the Load

A new drug could reduce the burdens of anti-VEGF injections.

Gut Check

Dry eye problems could be alleviated with diet and lifestyle changes. Here’s what to consider.

The Benefit of Biologics

These treatment options can be useful against diabetic peripheral corneal neuropathy.

Give It a Shot

A new treatment for early dry AMD can slow lesion progression. This elevates the role of the OD in disease detection.

MOG Leads to Fog

Sudden vision loss requires a timely workup and a decisive plan.

TECS Book Case

An expansion of basic eyecare services can especially benefit those far away from medical centers.

Detective Work

Deeper questions can uncover underlying systemic conditions.

Upcoming Events

November 28, 2023

Think Differently About Dry Eye Disease

Location: Virtual
Presenters: Marc Bloomenstein, OD, FAAO, and Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD
Webinar: 8:00pm ET

Sponsored by Alcon

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November 29, 2023

Addressing a Major Gap in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
Location: Virtual
Presenters: Melissa Barnett, OD, and John D. Sheppard, MD
Webinar: 8:00pm ET

Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb

Register here

December 8-9, 2023

West Coast Optometric Glaucoma Symposium
Location: Omni La Costa, Carlsbad, California
Program Chairs: Murray Fingeret, OD, and Robert N. Weinreb, MD
Earn up to 12 LIVE COPE Credits (COPE Accreditation Pending)

Register here

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