Diagnostic Quiz

Can you discern the causes of these unusual clinical presentations? By Andrew S. Gurwood, OD

Seen and Unseen

A patient presents with good acuity but poor facial recognition. Recent MCA infarction makes you suspect which diagnosis?

Pain From Above

A young patient experiences difficulty with upgaze movements. How serious might it be?

Split the Difference

Should you worry about the current or future status of an eye that presents like this?


A routine exam uncovers findings that suggest a long-standing condition is present, unbeknownst to the patient.

Battle of the Bulge

Is the puffiness shown here a sign of something more concerning? If so, how would you proceed?

One False Move

Beauty products can have damaging effects on the eyes and/or surrounding tissue.

Seeing Both Sides of It

Is this patient’s ocular asymmetry a cause for concern? If so, what is the appropriate course of action?

Skin in the Game

It’s wise to evaluate areas beyond the eyes and ocular adnexa, as they may reveal definitive clues to diagnosis.

In the Thick of It

Retinal exam points toward a likely culprit for this patient’s severely reduced visual acuity.

Going Back and Forth

Your exam elicits an abduction nystagmus and some gaze positions produce diplopia. What’s your next move?

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November 28, 2023

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November 29, 2023

Addressing a Major Gap in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
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December 8-9, 2023

West Coast Optometric Glaucoma Symposium
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