Energize Your Employees: Focusing on a Wellness Initiative to Prevent Employee Burnout

By Amy Green, CPO Dec 2019

By Amy Green, CPO,—Physician burnout has become a widespread phenomenon in the healthcare field and is considered a hidden healthcare crisis.

Interested in Adding a Specialty? Consider Low Vision Services

By Alexandra Copeland, OD, FAAO Nov 2019

By Alexandra Copeland, OD, FAAO—Low vision services are often overlooked when an optometrist thinks about adding a specialty to her office.

How Women Can Help Close the Gender Pay Gap in Their Respective Fields

By Divya Parekh Oct 2019

By Divya Parekh—Women make up approximately 50 percent of the U.S. population.

Age-Appropriate Screen Time Limitations for Teenagers

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO Oct 2019

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO—Around the time my husband and I had our first child, several close friends of ours had their first child too.

Five Discussion Points When Diagnosing and Recommending Cataract Surgery

By Nadia Virani, OD Oct 2019

By Nadia Virani, OD—The number of baby boomers rise and the average age of cataract surgery decreases, the demand of cataract surgeons is inevitably soaring.

Three Ways to Ensure Patient Loyalty in Corporate Optometry

By Maria Sampalis, OD Oct 2019

By Maria Sampalis, OD—Corporate optometry offices are successful in many ways on of them being by retaining customers.