5 Tips to Maximize Your Earnings as as Associate OD

By Lauretta Justin, OD Jun 2019

By Lauretta Justin, OD—Five years ago, I had an employee who was good at his job.

Embracing Interprofessional Care in Optometry

By Breanne McGhee OD, MEd, FAAO May 2019

By Breanne McGhee, OD, MEd, FAAO—Daily, we encounter complex clinical cases and are often faced with the question: How can I improve not only this patient’s vision but his or her overall wellness?

The True and False of Eyelashes

By Danielle Kalberer, OD, FAAO May 2019

By Danielle Kalberer, OD, FAAO, Board Certified in Medical Optometry—It is no surprise that women are constantly searching for ways to obtain fuller, thicker, more noticeable eyelashes.

Age-Appropriate Screen Time Limitations for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO May 2019

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO—At this stage, you can start to introduce tech-time to your child, but it's important to stay in control of the situation.

Getting Over Burnout When You Can’t Find Coverage for Your Sublease

By Maria Sampalis, OD Apr 2019

By Maria Sampalis, OD—Workplace burnout is highly troublesome and distressing in corporate optometry.

Age Appropriate Screen Time Limitations for Babies Under Two

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO Apr 2019

By Maria Pribis, OD, FAAO—As I’m currently experiencing, babies under two are a bundle of joy (most of the time). However, as a new mom I can’t help but notice how baby seems to have come with a built-in knack for technology.