Let’s Be Proactive When It Comes to Change

By Lynn S. Hammonds, OD Mar 2018

By Lynn S. Hammonds, OD—When I was first approached by SECO leadership asking if I had a desire to serve as this association’s president, my immediate reaction was, “I can’t do it.”

Standing on the Shoulders of Those Who Went Before

By WO Mar 2018
It's Women's History Month. Let's hear it for the recognized and unsung trailblazers. 

Four Mom Skills That Translate to Professional Skills

By WO Mar 2018
Women In Optometry professional advisory board member Dr. Maria Sampalis recently shared this story on corporateoptometry.com. Here is an excerpted version. 

3 Questions for Building a Culture That Matters

By Special to WO Feb 2018
Your core values aren't something you aspire to become; they're something you're already living. 

“Alexa, How Can Amazon Disrupt the Eye Care Industry?”

By Maria Sampalis, OD Jan 2018

By Maria Sampalis, OD—Amazon has come a long way since 1998 when it was simply an online book store. It has continued to innovate and challenge competitors to evolve and adapt or simply be left behind.

Women Optometrists See a Bright Future at SECO 2018

By WO Jan 2018

By Lynn Hammonds, OD—My family was instrumental in modeling and encouraging me to live a life of service.