Tech Workers Expect High-tech Patient Experiences

By WO Nov 2018

When Kaori Asano, OD, opened her practice cold nearly three years ago, she got some very important advice from her consultants.

Technology Contributes to More Facetime and Less Time Spent Refracting

By WO Sep 2018

When Jenny Drake, OD, relocated Drake Eye Care and Eyewear in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, having enough space for all of her instrumentation was a top priority.

A Penny-wise Decision Can Cost You Doubly

By WO Jun 2018

When Amy Rudser, OD, of Lakeville, Minnesota, opened her practice cold nearly 12 years ago, she agonized over where she could save some money.

Cutting Her Losses and Gaining New Benefits

By WO Mar 2018

When Emily Bussey, OD, bought an existing practice in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, eight years ago, she expected it to grow quickly.

Efficiency, Wow Factor and Increased Revenues Are Benefits of Technology

By WO Dec 2017

When Monica Allison, OD, was a captain in the U.S. Army at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, the “summer surge” was intense.

Does Your Refraction Process Complement Your Lens Technology?

By WO Sep 2017

Belinda Dobson, OD, of College Station, Texas, says that there can be a disconnect in the patient care experience when doctors use old technology in the exam room but are recommending high-quality ophthalmic lenses.