Optometrists Are the True Entryway to a Health Care System for Many

By WO Mar 2019

While in optometry school, Praneetha Raveendran, OD, often heard that optometrists are among the primary care “gatekeepers” of the health care system.

Driven OD Finds Managing Three Locations a Fun Challenge

By WO Nov 2018

When Gail Galantuomini, OD, graduated from Southern California College of Optometry, she took what was considered a fairly traditional path: she returned to her hometown and opened a private practice.

New Opportunities in a Familiar Setting

By WO Sep 2018

Deanna Paul-Blanc, OD, accepted her first role within National Vision, Inc.’s Doctor of Optometry network at an America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses location because the initial job she took after graduation from Indiana University School of Optometry was not the right fit.

Growth of Optometry Opens Doors

By WO Jun 2018

When Priti Patel, OD, was completing her residency after graduating from optometry school, “no way did I think I would switch gears to focus on anything other than direct patient care,” she says.

Corporate Optometry Is a Perfect Fit for New OD

By WO Mar 2018

When Christina Murray, OD, a 2016 graduate of Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, was still in school, she skipped events hosted by large optometric corporations.

OD Finds Ideal Balance Between Patient Care and Leadership

By WO Nov 2017

There is a world of difference between working in clinic while you’re a student and being alone as the optometrist in charge once you’ve taken on a professional position, says Kristen Burkholder, OD, of Columbus, Ohio.