Remaining Open to Nontraditional Options Leads to Leadership Role

By WO Jul 2018

Sarah Frye Heywood, OD, grew up with Walmart.

Career Choice Fuels Opportunities for Volunteerism

By WO Mar 2018

Allyson Fisher, OD, recalls that it was during a Christmas holiday while working as a cancer research scientist when she felt she wanted more from her career than laboratory research.

Negotiating From a Position of Strength

By WO Nov 2017

When Naheed Ahmad, OD, completed her optometry degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada, the push to go into an independent private practice was strong.

Doctor Finds Career Stability in Uncertain World

By WO Sep 2017

Susan Truong, OD, would say that she’s a spontaneous person.

Corporate-affiliated ODs Can Learn From Each Other

By WO Jun 2017

In the nine years that Amy Boyer, OD, has been operating her independent practice at Walmart, she’s seen a lot of changes, and the number and impact of those changes seem to be escalating of late.

'Tis the Season for Giving Back

By WO Nov 2016

At the two locations of Amarillo Vision Specialists, the holiday season is an extra special time for giving back.