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Welcome to WO Voices, a podcast series from Women In Optometry, featuring women ODs and others who talk about some aspect of practice, business, career choices, family, volunteer interests, leadership in the profession and more.

WO Voices is a chance to share ideas within the WO community and beyond. It’s another platform to bring women’s voices in the profession to the fore. If you’d like to join us on a podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you.

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Angela Fisher: Don't Push Recalls Off

Angela Fisher of National Recalls in Los Angeles, California, says that optometric practices can have effective recall strategies for reactivating patients—but only if the task is specifically part of someone's work day or work week. She describes the process her employees use—and how those could be adapted for in-house use.

Aug 2019

Dr. Sally Halim: How Training for a Triathlon Helps Sharpen Practice Skills

Sally Halim, OD, of Village Eyecare in Woolwich Township, New Jersey, trains for a half dozen or so triathlons or half Ironman races a year. The training has taught her time management skills, focus and a willingness to challenge herself, along with other lessons that she's brought to bear in her private practice.

Aug 2019

Dr. Millicent Knight: Finding Leadership Opportunities Where They Arise

Even when she was an optometry school student, Millicent Knight, OD, FAAO, FAARM, began to advocate for the profession and patients. In her new role as Senior Vice President, Customer Development Group, and a member of the leadership team at Essilor, she can do so from an even larger platform.

Jul 2019

Dr. Meg Richardson: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Opening a practice involves making so many important and expensive decisions—where, what it looks like, who it serves, what products to carry and what technology investments to make. Meg Richardson, OD, of Twenty Twenty Family Vision Center in Racine, Wisconsin, found help and support from PECAA and its relationship with RevolutionEHR.

Jul 2019

Dr. Nicole Trabuc: Running a Practice Their Way

Nicole Trabuc, OD, and her husband, Kyle Wainwright, OD, have two practices in Manhattan, Kansas—one which Dr. Wainwright took on inside a Walmart and a private practice the couple opened recently. They made some unconventional choices, such as paying down their combined $200,000 in student loan debt in just more than three years, not taking any vision insurance, and opening a gym as a side business. So far, it's working well for them.

Jul 2019

Dr. Samantha Hornberger: "Sales" Is Not a Dirty Word

Samantha Hornberger, OD, of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, realized her patients follow her treatment recommendations a large percentage of the time. Why? Because she models a mindset that encourages her staff to follow through. Hear how she encourages "sales" and how everyone—from patient to staff to community—benefits.

Jun 2019