New additions to the multifocal segment of the contact lens market continue to pop up as the presbyopia population grows worldwide. The latest product to enter the playing field comes from Alcon’s Total30 line, which—in addition to an existing daily and toric lens—now offers a monthly multifocal lens for presbyopia.

New multifocal Total30 monthly contact lenses from Alcon.
New multifocal Total30 monthly contact lenses from Alcon. Click image to enlarge.

Like the others in the Total30 line, the multifocal lens features the company’s “water gradient” design concept to aid in moisture retention. In layman’s terms, this allows the water content of the lens to gradually increase to nearly 100% at the lens surface to promote on-eye comfort from day one through day 30, according to Alcon. A prior study noted that this feature was able to improve tear film dynamics and alleviate pathological break-up pattern.1

The Total30 multifocal lens is now available in the US and in select international markets.

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