The new Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer performs 10 tests to assess ocular surface health.
The new Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer performs 10 tests to assess ocular surface health. Click image to enlarge.

Looking for a way to streamline ocular surface assessments at your practice without having to purchase and use numerous pieces of equipment? If so, a new device called the Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer may pique your interest. Developers M&S Technologies and Bruder Healthcare say the all-in-one machine gives clinicians the ability to perform 10 non-invasive tests and access results within seconds to minutes.

The device can capture the following four dry eye measurements in 15 seconds per eye, according to a press release from the companies: auto interferometry for lipid layer thickness, auto tear meniscus height, auto tear breakup time and auto blink evaluation. Six additional tests may be performed in a matter of several minutes, including auto meibography (gland detection), bulbar redness, fluorescein staining, lissamine green staining and pupillometry and white-to-white tests. The device also includes documentation for Demodex and blepharitis, the DEQ5 dry eye questionnaire, a lifestyle questionnaire and the ability to compare test results across international grading scales, the company press release notes.

To help patients better understand the status of their dry eye disease, clinicians can use “data results view” to display test results beside that of a healthy subject, developers say. Suggested testing and treatment protocols from “dry eye experts” are available within the system, as well.

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