A new retinal camera introduced by Coburn Technologies may be just what your practice needs to take your imaging capabilities to the next level. The HFC-1 non-mydriatic fundus camera uses automated pupil detection and eye tracking to simplify image capture while producing sharp and reliable retinal photos, the company says. Fixation targets can also be set manually for greater flexibility in recording the desired images.

The camera is able to quickly shift between its five imaging modes—color, blue, red, red-free and cobalt—while adapting to varying pupil sizes, saving you the time of making manual adjustments during an exam. The device works even with pupils as small as 3.3mm, company literature explains. Its 20-megapixel sensor reduces motion artifacts and captures images large enough to allow for closer examination of fine details, according to Coburn.

The company says the range of imaging modes makes the device versatile enough to document  glaucoma (including fine detail of the RNFL using the Cobalt filter), macular edema, epiretinal membranes, diabetic retinopathy, pigmentary abnormalities and much more.

The DICOM-compatible HFC-1 also features a built-in PC with web browsing capabilities and an LCD touch screen to enable image analysis and sharing from the same device.

For more information, visit www.coburntechnologies.com.