“Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile,” goes an old World War I song. Now your blepharitis patients can also sing that tune, thanks to a new release from Bruder. The company, known for its line of eyelid hygiene products, now offers a handy kit that includes an entire home care regimen for patients, the company says.

The kit is available for online ordering now and will debut in early March at the SECO conference in Atlanta. Each one includes the Moist Heat Eye Compress mask and a 10-pack of cleaning sheets, plus a 30-pack of eyelid wipes and a bottle of antimicrobial spray solution.

An effective lid care regimen comprises three steps—wipe, spray, warm—according to Bruder. The company recommends that patients first wipe debris from their lids and lashes, then apply the antimicrobial spray and finish with application of the heat compress. Packaging all the necessary items in one kit may help improve patient compliance and motivation for lid hygiene. 

The Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Kit will be available for ordering at SECO both #605, as well as online. Visit www.bruder.com for more information.