Ultra-widefield lens (now available for iCare Eidon fundus camera)

Fundus photography does a great job of documenting retinal concerns and establishing a baseline status for future comparison, but most cameras prioritize the posterior pole at the expense of the periphery. To help practices that have an iCare Eidon fundus camera, an ultra-widefield lens has just been added to the available retinal imaging modalities. By capturing 120˚ images in a single shot or up to 200˚ in panoramic (“mosaic”) mode and outperforming a standard field lens, this module could provide critical diagnostic information about the retinal periphery, a press release explains.

The module features what the company calls “TrueColor Confocal Technology,” which allows for sharp image quality capable of detecting small details and signs of pathologies from the center to the periphery of the retina, according to the company. iCare says that the module can be retrofitted to most Eidon fundus imaging systems. 

As some early signs of retinal problems can appear first on the periphery, using technology such as ultra-widefield imaging to observe this region can help you detect potential threats to a patient’s eye health or vision, iCare says.

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