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Multifocal ERG Changes May Precede Signs of DR

Greater awareness of this phenomenon might allow for earlier interventions to preserve vision.
February 23, 2024

New Research Links Diabetic Retinopathy and Cardiovascular Disease

Their shared pathogenic pathways explain why diagnoses correlated within five years of each other, as well as the dose-response correlation between the former and the latter.
February 20, 2024

Location of Perfusion in Diabetes Patients May Be An Early Biomarker of Preclinical DR

Study shows deficits in the perivenular deep capillaries, which are susceptible to vascular impairment at the outset of the disease.
February 6, 2024

Inconsistency in DR Coding Highlights Unclear Definitions of Disease

Researchers call for standardization of terms to ensure reproducible and generalizable studies.
February 5, 2024

Aspirin Not Effective in Preventing Early DR

In a study with mean daily intake of 6.5 years, the drug displayed no clinically meaningful benefits for the condition.
January 19, 2024

Long-term Exposure to High Altitude May Reduce DR Progression

Genetic adaptations may make highlanders more resilient. By contrast, those experiencing acute, short-term elevation may increase their risk of hyperglycemia and hence ocular complications.
January 18, 2024

Diabetes Patients with POAG More at Risk of Diabetic Retinopathy

This was the case for both type 1 and type 2 forms.
January 12, 2024

OCT-A Useful for Monitoring Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Hyperglycemia may affect retinal microvasculature.
January 11, 2024

Underinsured DR Patients Show Worse Baseline, Faster Progression

Lack of access to routine screening and preventive care allow more aggressive disease development prior to initial presentation.
January 8, 2024

Study Shows Potential of AI-powered Diabetic Eye Screenings

This implementation would ease the rising burden of caseloads needing review by human graders.
January 8, 2024