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Insulin Resistance Associated with Retinopathy, Kidney Disease

An alternative, noninvasive measure demonstrated a link between glucose disposal and vascular complications.
March 23, 2023

DR Toll in American Indian Populations Has Improved in Recent Decades

Analysis of recent data suggests extending follow-up intervals for retinopathy assessment in the healthier cohorts of this patient demographic.
March 13, 2023

Three in Four Patients Experience a Lapse in DR Care

These populations tend to be Black or Hispanic, recent study finds.
March 8, 2023

Type 1 Diabetes, Longer Disease Duration, Comorbidities Associated with PDR

Other factors showing correlation included insulin and anti-hypertensive medication use.
February 28, 2023

Early Retinal Neurodegeneration Found in Pre-diabetes

Recent study discovers modest association between higher blood sugar levels and thinner photoreceptor layers.
February 27, 2023

Neovascularization in DR Poorly Linked with Nonperfusion Catalysts

Rather than gradually building, the condition may be seen as an unpredictable, catastrophic event.
February 17, 2023

Distinct Nonproliferative DR Biomarkers Observed on OCT, OCT-A

ISe/RPE intensity ratio had the highest specificity on the former imaging modality, while vessel diameter index, perimeter index and skeleton density could best identify the condition on OCT-A.
February 15, 2023

Early Anti-VEGF for Mild DR Doesn’t Improve VA

Even after four years of follow-up, treatment prior to progression to proliferative disease only showed anatomic improvement.
February 10, 2023

Fellow-eye DME Onset Linked to Glycemic Control, DR Duration

A total of 90% of patients converted to bilateral disease within three years, with diabetes-related factors playing a role.
February 9, 2023

Higher Omega-3s Levels Linked to Reduced Odds of DR

In a type 2 diabetic population, increased intake of dietary sources of DHA may provide some protection against retinopathy.
February 7, 2023