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Glaucoma Associated With Slower Walking Speeds

This decline was more rapid in patients with worse baseline visual field damage, study finds.
July 29, 2021

Multicolor Imaging Improves Visibility of RNFL Defects

Compared to fundus or red-free RNFL, blue- and green-reflectance modes produced clearer and more detailed images to aid glaucoma diagnosis.
July 28, 2021

Anterior Chamber Depth Predicts Risk of Angle-Closure Diseases

In this study, SS-OCT images were able to reliably discriminate between controls and affected eyes, especially those with PACG.
July 26, 2021

OD/MD Glaucoma Telehealth Partnership Shows Promise in Canada

Optometrists, who conduct the initial screening, may benefit from greater patient retention in this shared-care approach, researchers suggest.
July 22, 2021

Schlemm’s Canal Helps Predict SLT Outcomes

This finding was present on more than 50% of B-scans, indicating treatment success in juvenile-onset open-angle glaucoma, report shows.
July 22, 2021

Microstent Plus Cataract Surgery Reduces Drop Dependence

Adding a drainage device to the procedure may eliminate need for drops in many cases up to 24 months.
July 21, 2021

Is There a Better Way to Treat Glaucoma?

An upcoming study will investigate low-dose SLT treatment performed annually, regardless of IOP.
July 12, 2021

Higher IOP Risks Worsening VF Even in Less Severe Glaucoma

Patients in moderate or advanced stages face risk across the board that increases with pressure levels.
July 12, 2021

Hemorrhages Early Indicators of Glaucoma Progression

Authors of a recent study suggest these findings support this more so than discrete events that cause subsequent progression.
July 7, 2021

Look to the Macula for ONH Prelaminar Schisis

In glaucomatous eyes with this pathology, measurements here were the strongest predictors of functional status.
July 1, 2021