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Sex, Age Affect CSC Development in Choroidal Endothelial Cells

It’s more than just their “Type A” personalities—young men are most vulnerable due to the high number of androgen receptors present there.
July 18, 2024

FAF May Help Determine Need for Additional PRP in Proliferative DR

Study finds partially preserved photoreceptor integrity and sensitivity even in laser-treated areas of the retina.
July 17, 2024

Open-Angle Glaucoma Diagnosis More Likely in Patients with Previous CRVO

Incidence rates were higher than expected, signaling the crucial need for timely evaluation and intervention for signs of the disease.
July 16, 2024

Several Systemic Diseases and Drugs May Alter Inner Retinal Measures on OCT

Thinning and increased cupping are associated with systemic steroids, sex hormones and rhinitis, while the opposite findings are linked to antineoplastics and liver or urinary diseases.
July 15, 2024

UWF-FA Reveals DR Progression Associated with Nonperfusion

Neovascularization, however, was less strongly correlated with disease advancement in a large retrospective review of over one thousand images.
July 12, 2024

Pentosan Takes Its Toll on the Retina

Pay close attention to progressive thinning in these patients.
July 11, 2024

Ocular Emergency Visits More Common in Hispanic, Uninsured Patients

Improving access to routine eyecare may reduce caseloads by preventing consequences of untreated chronic diseases like vitreous hemorrhage in PDR, study suggests.
July 10, 2024

Metamorphopsia Score at One-month Post-Vitrectomy Predictive of Long-term Outcomes

Researchers observed a significant improvement in symptom severity immediately after surgery for macula-involved RRD, which then stabilized after a year.
July 9, 2024

Over Four Million People Globally Experience Vision Impairment from DR

One-quarter of those affected are now blind, says a new meta-analysis. Prevalence is disproportionately higher in low-income regions and female populations.
July 2, 2024

Meta-analysis Says Oral Hypoglycemic Not Clearly Linked to Increased DR Risk

Studies on dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor use showed conflicting evidence and, ultimately, no significant change in risk or progression in patients with diabetes.
July 2, 2024