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Vision Impairment

Study Links Social Vulnerability to Glaucoma-Related Severe Visual Impairment or Blindness

This is in addition to traditional risks like older age, elevated IOP and worse baseline status at diagnosis.
July 15, 2024

Sleep Quality and Eye Health Correlation Well Documented Among Visually Impaired

Despite this, various gaps in research occlude understanding of the bidirectional relationship between ocular conditions and somnolence.
June 17, 2024

Self-Reported Visual ‘Difficulty’ Doesn’t Equal Visual ‘Impairment’

The discrepancy between subjective and objective measures is influenced by patient-level factors, with several groups prone to under/over-reporting their status, study says.
June 14, 2024

Degree of Visual Impairment Significantly Impacts Employments Status, Study Finds

Odds ratios for unemployment were 3.69 in those with severe disability and 1.32 in moderate cases.
February 22, 2024

Adequate Lighting May Foster Physical Activity for the Visually Impaired

This simple intervention might allow elderly patients to maintain appropriate levels of mobility.
February 13, 2024

Global Burden of Visual Impairment Rose Over Last Three Decades

A recent study noted that the number of cases in working adults nearly doubled from 1990 to 2019, with unfavorable patterns occurring in developed regions.
December 11, 2023

Visual Disorders More Common in Children, Adolescents with ADHD

A large study concluded this is likely not a result of medication or misdiagnosis, though researchers did observe higher prevalence in non-stimulant vs. stimulant users.
October 25, 2023

Neuro, Cardiac Assessments Warranted in Young Patients With Transient Monocular Vision Loss

Study finds that three out of 20 patients had abnormal findings associated with their condition.
September 12, 2023

Job Status Remains Vulnerable for the Visually Impaired, Study Says

Those most likely to remain employed were individuals with higher education status, male gender, a spouse and no additional disability. Patients with fewer safety net items understandably suffered more.
July 19, 2023

Global Temperature Could Play a Role in Vision Impairment

Potential reasons for the association include greater exposure to pollution, infectious organisms and UV light in warmer areas, researchers suggest.
June 26, 2023