Smartlux Digital portable video magnifier

A new portable device aims to simplify the lives of people with vision loss due to macular degeneration or other eye diseases by improving their ability to read, write and perform hands-free tasks, the manufacturer says. The Smartlux Digital features an HD camera, a five-inch display and a variety of settings to accommodate individual user preferences, a press release explains.

Smartlux has four color-coded buttons below the screen that control its main functions. One of these is a menu button where users can adjust settings such as LED brightness, viewing modes (including 14 color contrast modes), magnification type (step or continuous) and orientation of the underline. Built into the device is a stand that allows it to be used in three different ways: fully retracted for hand-held use, fully extended for placing on reading material and partially extended for writing under the display. A refresh rate of 50 frames per second provides a clear image even when the device is in motion, according to the press release.

The video magnifier has 8GB internal storage can be connected to an external screen or computer for image upload via an HDMI or USB cable. The company notes that the Smartlux comes with a removable handle and a bumper for drop protection, as well as a zippered case, charger, cleaning cloth and lanyard.

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