Soft contact lenses now come in so many stock offerings that doctors can have an off-the-shelf option at the ready for most patients—but not all. Lens wearers have unique prescription needs, vision goals and expectations, eye shape and other ocular parameters. A substantial number will need a custom lens. With the goal of providing a more individualized vision-correcting solution to a broad range of patients, Bausch + Lomb recently launched a new family of customizable soft contact lenses called Revive. The product line includes spherical, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric options. 

Revive lenses are made of a non-ionic material that helps resist protein deposits, B+L says, allowing for up to three months of daily wear; the replacement schedule is at the discretion of the doctor. The company explains that the customizable parameters include lens diameter, base curve and power, all of which can be adjusted as needed until the optimal fit is achieved. A detailed list of parameter options is shown in the table below.

Toric lens versions include what B+L calls “dual elliptical stabilization,” a process for ballasting that adds material with more forethought toward achieving the optimal shape and position than traditional “slab-off” designs. The company says this aids in orientation and rotational stability.

For multifocal fits, the near zone diameter is customizable from 1.8mm to 3.0mm to account for small-pupil patients or other circumstances where a non-standard design is desired.

Whether a patient has a high prescription or a physical characteristic such as unusual pupil size that traditionally make it challenging to find a successful fit, B+L says that the Revive soft customizable lens family will help to meet a larger number of patients’ needs.

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Table 1. Customizable Parameters for Revive Soft Lenses


hioxifilcon D


10mm to 16mm

Base curves

6.5mm to 9.7mm in 0.1mm steps

Spherical powers

-30D to +30D

Cylinder powers

-10D to -0.5D


1° to 180° in one-degree increments

Add powers

+0.5D to +3D in 0.25D steps

Customizable near zone

1.8mm to 3mm