MyDay Energys daily disposable CLs are designed to reduce eye strain and keep lenses hydrated.
MyDay Energys daily disposable CLs are designed to reduce eye strain and keep lenses hydrated. Click image to enlarge.

The average American spends almost half their day—about 11 hours, according to Nielsen—gazing at a screen, which for some can result in symptoms of eye strain such as ocular dryness and discomfort. For your contact lens wearers who complain of this problem, CooperVision claims that a new daily disposable lens in its lineup—MyDay Energys—may be able to offer some relief through a combination of hydrating and strain-reducing properties. 

Like the company’s existing MyDay daily lenses, the Energys lens is made with a material of nearly 50% water that’s designed to help it maintain its wettability. This moisturizing feature, known as “Aquaform” by the company, works by linking hydrogen bonds to hydrophilic molecules in the lens to help it maintain up to twice its weight in water, which CooperVision says can improve comfort.

What sets Energys apart from other MyDay lenses is the inclusion of a design feature intended to reduce eye strain, which CooperVision calls “DigitalBoost.” The company says that the aspheric design of the lens delivers a +0.3D add power (even for a single vision Rx) to help ease strain on eye muscles when shifting focus from near to far (like from digital devices to offline activities). CooperVision notes on its website that patients in a company-led study who wore lenses using this design reported that their eyes felt less tired, heavy and painful after a work day with heavy computer use than those wearing lenses without the power add.

As with other lenses in the product lineup, MyDay Energys includes a UV blocker, which developers say can protect eyes against 86% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays.

MyDay Energys is available now in sphere powers of +8.00D to -12.00D (0.50D steps after +5.00D and -6.00D), with no plano option.

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