New Magno travel lamp, which doubles as a desk lamp and flashlight.

New Magno travel lamp, which doubles as a desk lamp and flashlight. Click image to enlarge.

Having adequate lighting throughout your practice is imperative to ensure the accuracy of clinical tasks, from performing eye exams to reviewing patient files. In situations or spaces where you or your staff could benefit from more illumination, a portable light source—such as Eschenbach’s new two-in-one desk lamp and flashlight—can be a handy solution. This dual-purpose tool—called the Magno travel lamp—features three color temperatures and can be dimmed from 100% to 10% light with the click of a button, the company says.

To use as a desk lamp, the flashlight head can be set on a table face-down—surrounded by a rubber grip for extra stability—while the lamp head is folded out from the handle. The lamp features three light settings that clinicians can choose from: a warm yellow 3200K, a neutral white 4200K and a cool white 6000K. Eschenbach also notes in the product’s press release that the color rendition index is greater than 90.

When using the device as a flashlight, simply fold the lamp head back into the handle. Unlike the lamp head, the flashlight head features only one lighting option. The rechargeable battery lasts for eight hours when the light is used as a desk lamp and five hours when used as a flashlight, according to the company.

A convenient perk of the Magno travel lamp, Eschenbach says, is that it can easily be moved from room to room or taken on the road, weighing in at 13 ounces and measuring 10.5 inches in length (or 18 inches when the lamp head is extended). The lamp comes equipped with a USB cable for charging and features a red light to indicate when the battery is below full capacity.

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