Biotrue hydration boost eye drops from Bausch + Lomb were recently FDA-approved.

Eye dryness is a frequent side effect of contact lens wear. To help alleviate discomfort and increase ocular surface hydration in these patients, clinicians often prescribe a preservative-free eye drop that’s safe to use with contact lenses. Joining this market segment is a multi-dose drop by Bausch + Lomb for soft and rigid GP lenses, which the company calls Biotrue Hydration Boost Contact Lens Rehydrating Drops.

Like other products in B+L’s Biotrue line, the new hydration boost drops have no preservatives and contain only natural ingredients informed by the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society's DEWS II report, the company says. These include glycerin (the active ingredient), hyaluronan (a moisturizer naturally found in the eye), an electrolyte and an antioxidant. B+L also notes in its press release that the pH of the solution matches that of healthy tears to optimize lubrication and comfort.

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