B+L's new BioTrue Hydration Plus Multi-purpose Solution.
B+L's new BioTrue Hydration Plus Multi-purpose Solution. Click image to enlarge.

A growing number of people today are opting to use natural products to manage their well-being for reasons such as ingredient transparency and the potential for reduced side effects. Several eyecare companies offer contact lenses and solutions that cater to lens wearers in search of a more natural and preservative-free option, one example being Bausch + Lomb’s BioTrue line. The company recently launched a new addition to BioTrue’s product portfolio called Hydration Plus Multi-purpose Solution, which B+L says matches the pH of healthy tears and keeps lenses moist for 12 hours.

Compared with BioTrue Multi-purpose Solution, the formula in Hydration Plus contains 25% more hyaluronan, a moisturizer found naturally in tears that helps the lenses to maintain moisture, the company explains in the press release. It’s also made up of a unique combination of other ingredients including potassium, an electrolyte and erythritol, an antioxidant that protects hyaluronan against free radicals, all of which help to maintain ocular surface homeostasis, says B+L. The solution is now available in a multi-dose, eco-friendly bottle.

For more information, visit www.biotrue.com.