Study finds Corneal Tattoos Safe

Keratopigmentation is a surgical alternative for changing eye color that just might work.

Napping in Ortho-K Lenses Improves Vision

Patients only saw an improvement in their visual quality and acuity during prolonged eye closure.

Epithelial Integrity Linked with Post-LASIK Success

A thickness greater than 60.5μm suggests the patient may have better visual outcomes.

Not All Eye Rubbing is Equal

Fingertips, knuckles and nails—which exerts more force on the lids?

IVCM May Help Differentiate Neuropathic Pain and DED

In addition to eye pain, microneuromas could serve as a diagnostic biomarker.

Trab Bolsters Ocular Surface in More Ways than One

The procedure reduces pro-inflammatory mediators and eliminates irritation from topical drops.

Peripheral CXL Helps Clear Neovascularization

The potential treatment may improve outcomes for high-risk keratoplasty patients.

CXL Risky for Bullous Keratopathy

Despite the short-term potential to reduce corneal thickness, the threat of recurrent epithelial defect remains.

Corneal Thickness Helps Predict Early-stage Keratoconus

A new diagnostic model correctly diagnosed cases 92% of the time.

Riboflavin vs. Rose Bengal

When considering photodynamic therapy, make sure to evaluate the efficacy of each photosensitizer.

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