AI Learns to Spot Glaucoma Better than Humans

An algorithm had higher sensitivity and specificity than the experts in about one-third of cases.

Corneal Opacity Treatment Goes High-Tech

An intraocular projector could bring bionic capabilities to patients who are poor candidates for other therapies.

Video Imaging Captures Aqueous Flow

New technology allows real-time assessment at the slit lamp.

Catching Red Eye Epidemics—With the Web

A Google search predicted a conjunctivitis outbreak days before reported cases.

Older Patients Not Opposed to Telemedicine

Perhaps all they need is education to feel more comfortable with its applications.

Light Masks for DME a Bust

Research has yet to reveal significant benefits of light therapy for patients with diabetic edema.

Eye Tracker for TBI Gets FDA Boost

Concussion patients may benefit from objective assessment.

Science Gives Mice Infrared Sight

An injection allowed them to convert infrared light into green light, creating a biological approximation of night vision goggles.

Simulator Offers Patients Preoperative IOL Preview

A new technology offers a sample of life with multifocal lens implants.

A Light in the DARC: Seeing Glaucoma Before it Strikes

This cutting-edge technology could give us a window into the disease earlier in its course—shifting treatment ahead and possibly preventing vision loss.

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