What Snellen Ain’t Tellin’

Contrast sensitivity testing can help identify visual changes an acuity test might miss.

Visual Fields in the Era of OCT

Is functional testing with visual fields still necessary in the age of advanced structural imaging with optical coherence tomography?

New Glaucoma Method Reduces Structure/Function Disparity

Adding a 10-2 visual field test could shine light on early progression.

OCT-A: Changing Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis

The technology is helping image the vasculature like never before.

Tear Biomarkers May Foretell Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

Screening for these two debilitating diseases may become part of future eye exam protocols.

Osmolarity Readings: The Device Matters

Measurements aren’t comparable between the Tearlab and the I-Pen.

Imaging Technique Isolates Tear Film Layers

Studying them independently could yield more clinical parameters.

Technology Simplifies PCV Diagnosis

Features detected using FA and OCT provide high sensitivity and specificity, especially when suggestive signs are present.

Visual Field Testing Beyond Glaucoma Gains Ground

A recent study suggests establishing guidelines geared toward the changing landscape of these assessments.

OCT-A Imaging Can Detect Early Alzheimer’s

Decreased retina vessel density and blood flow correlate with symptomatic changes.

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