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Surveys and News: Workplace Shift Occurs Slowly
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Every year, WO creates a report on women in the optometric workforce using as the basis for its estimates. In 2015, the overall number of ODs showed the smallest increase yet.

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Ownership Models: Understand the Challenge
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During her first year of optometry school, Keirsten Eagles, OD, MEd, says she was inspired by her lessons in behavioral optometry. “I fell in love with it,” she says. “It was incredibly challenging..."

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Has the release of the AREDS 2 data affected your likelihood of recommending dietary supplements to lower AMD risk?

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Academy Update: Dry Eye Research

A wealth of new information came out at the 2014 American Academy of Optometry meeting.

Be a Visionary at SECO 2015

For cutting-edge CE, there's no place like SECO, "Where Sight Meets Vision."

Current Innovations in Contact Lens Materials

Contact lenses are better than ever—but there's still room for improvement.

Does Glaucoma Begin in the Brain?

Research links the disease to several neurodegenerative conditions.

How to Insert and Remove an Amniotic Membrane ...

Apply an amniotic membrane device to speed healing, reduce scarring and improve comfort.

Topical AMD Therapy: Will it Make a Splash?

The new squalamine looks to improve outcomes, potentially expanding the OD's role.

An Intro to Neuro

Neuro-ophthalmic disorders can be intimidating—but you can diagnose and manage many of them. Here’s a simple guide for these serious ...

Foreign Body Removal in 12 Steps

Need to remove a foreign body and rust ring? We’ll show you how it’s done. Here’s the first in a new, six-part, print-and-video ...

Going Antiviral: How to Bring Herpes to a Halt

Here’s a review of the most commonly prescribed topical and oral antiviral medications used to manage herpetic eye disease. 

Off Label, But On Target

Using drugs off label is not only permissible, it’s often standard of care. Get to know the following non-FDA-approved indications (if you don’t ...

Practical Pearls for Managing Anterior Uveitis

When diagnosing uveitis, let the history and signs guide your treatment plan. 

When A Drop Isn't Enough

Oral antibiotics and analgesics often are clinically necessary when treating certain ocular conditions. Here’s a rundown of our favorite systemic ...

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What's New In Review
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The Lay of the Land

When considering IOL implementation, the shape of the cornea plays a big role. 
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Knowledge from the Nail Salon

Raise your Yelp score by getting in touch with your feminine side.
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Be a Visionary at SECO 2015

For cutting-edge CE, there's no place like SECO, "Where Sight Meets Vision."
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All About That Baseline

Two new glaucoma suspects presented with similar findings. Why wait to medicate?
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Fighting Filamentary Keratitis

Don't mistake this complex condition for a more typical ocular surface disorder.
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Topical AMD Therapy

The new squalamine looks to improve outcomes, potentially expanding the OD's role.
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The Secret to Surgical Success

Before tackling cataracts, make sure your patients are free of ocular surface disorders.
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A Surgeon Asks: Who's the Boss?

Surgery is not just another tool to be delegated or ordered. 
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February 2015  2.00 Credits

New Surgical Options for Presbyopia

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January 2015  1.00 Credits

Glaucoma and Dry Eye: Principles and Parallels

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December 2014  1.00 Credits

Successful Comanagement of Ocular Surgery Patients

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November 2014  2.00 Credits

TED Talk: Hormones and Ocular Health

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November 2014  1.00 Credits

The Final Cut: Surgical Correction of Presbyopia

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October 2014  2.00 Credits

When the Retina Reveals a Blood Disorder

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October 2014  1.00 Credits

Stopping Corneal Erosion With Amniotic Membranes

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September 2014  1.00 Credits

Controlling Myopia, Changing Lives


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