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Outside Interests: OD Carves out Time and Place for Research
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Linda Morgan, OD, FAAO, of Kugler Vision in Omaha, Neb., says she feels like she’s one of the lucky ODs whose boss is as interested in writing and research as she is.

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Leaders: Expand Your Network
View Article When Nhung Brandenburg, OD, FAAO, was president of the Greater Atlanta Optometric Association (GAOA), she stood at the door welcoming attendees to local meetings. Read more »

Has the release of the AREDS 2 data affected your likelihood of recommending dietary supplements to lower AMD risk?

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Can You Identify These Tricky Topographies?

Early awareness of corneal surface anomalies can help to reveal the nature of the condition.

Don't Let Dangerous Pathogens Resist Arrest

Combine pharmacodynamic principles and advanced drug delivery systems to limit proliferation.

Endothelial Cell Restoration: Growth or Graft?

Regenerative research could impact the way we treat and manage corneal dystrophies.

How Hypertension and High Cholesterol Harm the Eye

Fortunately, the eye reveals warning signs when trouble's ahead.

OCT for Glaucoma: Advantages and Artifacts

Watch out for artifacts, particularly due to pathologic features such as an epiretinal membrane.

A Feast of CE at VEE

The Big Apple has everything you need this March to satisfy your appetite for CE.   

What are the Ocular Manifestations of Hep B?

Eye care professionals may play a role in managing secondary HBV conditions.

Obesity Counseling is Within Our Scope

You can no longer afford to ignore the problem or simply hand it off to another clinician.

Nutrition and Diabetes: Our Role in Patient Care

It's time to educate our patients about the dangers of poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles.

The Legacy of AREDS

AREDS-2 could open doors to more meaningful use of personalized genetic testing.

5 Patients Who Need UV Protection and Why

Thorough patient history is the first step in personalize recommendations.

Strength in Numbers: Do You Need an Ally?

Find out what professional alliance groups offer and how to sift through the options.

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What's New In Review
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Not Just Another Fish Story

Dry eye sufferers could benefit from supplements that contain fish oils and other fatty ...
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Color Blindness Most Common in ...

Least common in African-American boys
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Mo' Employees, Mo' Problems

Take my latest new hire. Please, just take her!
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Eye Drops: 'Magic Bullet' for AMD

Researchers may have discovered breakthrough treatment.
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In the News

The latest industry news.
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Make Your Smartphone an 'EyePhone'

Stanford researchers develop innovative smartphone adapter.
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Legislation in Tennessee to Allow ...

Bills pass despite vigorous opposition from ophthalmologists.
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Generic But Not Equal

Response to February Feature on Rx
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April 2014  2.00 Credits

Increase Your Allergy Know-How: A Review of the Latest Relevant Information on Ocular Allergy

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March 2014  2.00 Credits

Eye on Glaucoma: Case Chronicles in Glaucoma and Ocular Surface Disease - Case 1 in a Series

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March 2014  2.00 Credits

Medical Syndromes That Affect Children's Vision

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February 2014  2.00 Credits

The Lowdown on Blue Light : Good vs Bad, and its Connection to AMD

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February 2014  2.00 Credits

10 Must-Have Oral Meds in Eye Care

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January 2014  1.00 Credits

Eye on Glaucoma: Case Chronicles in Glaucoma and Ocular Surface Disease - Case 4 in a Series of 4

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January 2014  1.00 Credits

Lessons Learned: Contact Lenses, Adverse Events and Bacterial Keratitis

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January 2014  2.00 Credits

Essential Uses of Radiologic Testing in Eye Care


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