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The Physical Space: Friends Can Make Good Business Partners
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Christy Hayes, OD, and Kim Folwarski, OD, were friends during their time at University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry, where they began to talk about opening a practice together. After they graduated in 2011, that’s just what they did. They honed in on three upscale suburbs of St. Louis and began scouting out locations. They found a 2,700-square-foot shell in Wildwood, and the location was ideal. It was next to a dentist’s office and right along a main road to ensure great visibility.

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Surveys and News: Overall Enrollment Increases
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Enrollment in North American schools and colleges of optometry increased to 1,949 students who entered the class of 2019, an overall increase of almost 2 percent over 2014. Women accounted for 68 percent of the incoming students, the same percentage as the year before. Ten schools saw an increase in the percentage of women enrolled, compared to 2014, and 12 reported a decrease in the percentage.

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Has the release of the AREDS 2 data affected your likelihood of recommending dietary supplements to lower AMD risk?

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SightNation Jobs

2015 Income Survey: Love What You Do

Optometrists are doing well for themselves, but the paycheck isn’t the only thing driving them.

Are You Ready to Take On an Associate?

From what to pay to reasons why you should—or shouldn’t—hire, consider the following when you’re debating whether to add a new doctor ...

Nutrition and Glaucoma: Exploring the Link

Numerous studies reveal that nutrition can play a big role in glaucoma development and management.

Power Up Your Practice

Thinking about increasing patient volume? Answer these five questions first.

Recognize the Signs of Ocular Melanoma

Key features allow you to identify melanomas early and help—even save—your patients.

The Colorful World of Optometry Come to Life

Optometrists show off bold new office designs that integrate form with function.

Top 10 Staff Management Tips

Improving your offices’ productivity can be key to happier patients and a healthier bottom line.

Ocular Health: A Matter of the Heart

Vascular dysregulation can have a huge impact on the eyes.

Can't Get No Satisfaction: Post-cataract Surgery ...

Although they are little, they can cause a lot of trouble for cataract patients.

Customized Solutions for the Dry Eye Patient

When conventional therapies are insufficient, it may be time to turn to compounding pharmacies.

Get Taut on Floppy Eyelid Syndrome

This foreboding finding may foretell of some more serious conditions.

Neuroimaging 101 For the Optometrist

The inside scoop on looking inside the skull.

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What's New In Review
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The Colorful World of Optometry ...

Optometrists show off bold new office designs that integrate form with function.
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A Tale of Two Practices

Optometry can and should take on more. But not at the expense of patient satisfaction.
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Acute Vision Loss: Lessons Learned

It may be tempting to go with your first diagnosis, but a closer look can reveal multiple ...
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A Drop in the Bucket

Should a pregnant graft patient be taken off steroids?
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Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.
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Are Optometrists Trendy?

Well, trends change, you know, so it’s hard to tell. Take a look at where we were ...
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Carotenoids Can Reduce Risk of AMD

Consuming more lutein and zeaxanthin could be beneficial for the eyes.
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Stem Cell Trial Aims to Cure AMD

A new trial might reveal a treatment modality for severe sudden vision loss due to AMD.

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