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October 7, 2015

October 8, 2015

October 9, 2015

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Letters and Viewpoints: The Feel of Optometry
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By Charlotte Tlachac, OD, FAAO — As a young woman in the highly male-dominated world of the late 70’s, I was always aware of body language issues, especially when dealing with male patients. Not wanting anyone to see me as female first and doctor second, I toyed with the idea of wearing stern suits.

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Quick Tips: Step Into a Volunteer Role
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By Thuy Lan Nguyen, OD—For the past five years, I’ve been volunteering for the VSP Mobile Eyes® program when it comes to town. If you’ve never done it, it’s simple and incredibly rewarding. The program was launched after natural disasters to bring eye care to those who needed it, but the equipped vans are now deployed around the country for special events.

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Has the release of the AREDS 2 data affected your likelihood of recommending dietary supplements to lower AMD risk?

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Can't Get No Satisfaction: Post-cataract Surgery ...

Although they are little, they can cause a lot of trouble for cataract patients.

Customized Solutions for the Dry Eye Patient

When conventional therapies are insufficient, it may be time to turn to compounding pharmacies.

Get Taut on Floppy Eyelid Syndrome

This foreboding finding may foretell of some more serious conditions.

Neuroimaging 101 For the Optometrist

The inside scoop on looking inside the skull.

No Kidding Around: Managing Pediatric and ...

When a younger-than-expected patient presents with lens opacity, can you identify the cause?

Principles and Protocols of Cataract Comanagement

It’s our responsibility to care for our patients from diagnosis through the postoperative recovery process.

Retinal Considerations Prior to Cataract Surgery

Referring patients for cataract removal is common, but when a posterior segment pathology interferes, it must be handled delicately.

A Clinical Guide to Fundus Autofluorescence

Lipofuscin reveals a previously unseen world of potential disease indicators.

Academy CE in The Big Easy

Optometrists head to New Orleans for education, exhibits and so much more.

An OD’s Tech Tool Wish List

A lot of benefits are making upgrades worth the price.

Guidelines on Glaucoma Progression

Monitoring patients is key to providing appropriate treatment.

How to Shop for New Technology

Upgrading your practice’s equipment can be overwhelming and expensive—but necessary.

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What's New In Review
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Lesions Linked with Retinal ...

New research highlights the importance of the peripheral retina in diabetic retinopathy ...
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Reading, Genes Increase Risk of ...

Children with a particular gene variation are more likely to develop myopia when they ...
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Drag and Droop

What’s causing this patient’s ptosis and diplopia? It’s time to think ...
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Child’s Play – Or Is ...

A seemingly simple diagnosis may overshadow common independent comorbidities.
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Neuroimaging 101 For the ...

The inside scoop on looking inside the skull.
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Personal Foul

A hit to the eye left a patient seeing an “impressive” flash of light. Can ...
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Can't Get No Satisfaction: ...

Although they are little, they can cause a lot of trouble for cataract patients.
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Customized Solutions for the Dry ...

When conventional therapies are insufficient, it may be time to turn to compounding ...
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September 2015  1.00 Credits

Critical Ocular Measurements to Improve Scleral Lens Fitting

View CE Lesson
September 2015  2.00 Credits

Guidelines on Gluacoma Progression

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August 2015  2.00 Credits

Anterior Uveitis: The Unusual Suspects

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July 2015  2.00 Credits

The Structure-Function Junction

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June 2015  2.00 Credits

Know Your Retinal Breaks, Tears and Holes

View CE Lesson
June 2015  1.00 Credits

Doctor, Why Is My Vision Blurry?

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June 2015  2.00 Credits

New Surgical Options for Presbyopia

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May 2015  1.00 Credits

Keeping the Cornea Clear


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