Dry Eye

Migraine Patients Experience Dry Eye Differently

The ocular surface plays less of a role in this group.

Dry Eye Patients Have Hypersensitive Corneas

A recent study notes corneal hyperalgesia could partly account for subjective symptoms.

Did the DREAM Study Change Your Thinking?

The controversial findings led some ODs to question the role of omega-3s, while others dispute the study itself. Here, several experts share their views.

Build A Better Dry Eye Protocol

The DEWS II report provides a roadmap to help streamline your treatment regimens.

Cyclosporine Shoot-out: How Do They Match Up?

After more than a decade with just a single agent to use, your options are expanding. This story explains their differences.

Add Billions to Optometry

Managing dry eye can be a huge opportunity for your contact lens patients—and practice.

Cytokine-coated Lens Could Treat Dry Eye

The sustained-release drug would be dispersed over days.

Lipid Layer Spread Can Indicate Dry Eye Severity

Two studies presented at ARVO found it a useful tool to evaluate dry eye disease.

New Assessment Tool Predicts Post-op DED

Prescreening cataract patients could identify vulnerabilities to address prior to surgery.

Tear Viscosity Correlates with Dry Eye Severity

Rheometry could be developed into a novel test for diagnosis.

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