If you’re looking to expand your practice by adding more patient care capacity or just want to update an exam room or two, you can buy a new exam lane suite (phoropter excluded) from Haag-Streit that features some diagnostic equipment mainstays plus a brand new slit lamp known as the Reliance SL3. The device features LED illumination, 10x, 16x and 25x magnification settings, three filters (grey, red-free and blue) and a 6° stereo angle, according to the product brochure. Its microscope also includes a yellow filter. Haag-Streit says the SL3 is exclusively available as part of the exam lane.

Reliance Optometry Workplace exam lane.
Reliance Optometry Workplace exam lane. Click image to enlarge. 

The overall package, called the Reliance Optometry Workplace, includes the Reliance SL3, the company’s AT 870 Goldmann tonometer (a part of the company’s product line since 1957), the Reliance 7900 instrument stand and the Reliance 520 examination chair, paired with the Reliance 4246 exam stool. The chair and stool are available in black or charcoal upholstery. 

The price of the complete five-part exam lane is $20,500, which represents a discount over what the total would be if each equipment piece were purchased separately, according to the company. Add a phoropter of your choice and you’re ready to go!

For more information, go to https://products.haag-streit-usa.com