Visionix VX650
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A new multi-modal device can perform various assessments that may help you detect early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and corneal pathologies, the manufacturer suggests. The Visionix VX650 from Luneau Technology brings together into one device the technology of the following equipment: autorefractor, keratometer, aberrometer, topographer, pachymeter, Scheimpflug camera, tonometer and a 45-degree fundus camera, according to a company press release. Capturing such data from the vantage point of a single device reduces patient movement through the practice, improving convenience and workflow efficiency, Luneau suggests, by allowing for ocular health screenings to be done in the pre-test room.

Since the VX650 is EMR-ready and HIPAA compliant, the data produced can be reviewed and shared locally or remotely, says the company.

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