Topcon's new retinal camera, NW500.

Topcon's new retinal camera, NW500. Click image to enlarge.

Optometry practices across the US are increasingly investing in retinal imaging devices that serve as invaluable tools for both the detection and management of posterior segment conditions. Joining the robotic fundus camera market is a new model from Topcon, called the NW500 non-mydriatic retinal camera. The company says that the fully automated device can capture sharp-quality images even in ambient light and without the need to dilate the patient.

The NW500 camera features a 12-megapixel sensor and can obtain images from the three traditional fixation points (disc, center, and macula), in addition to nine others used for peripheral photography, Topcon says in the product’s press release. It also claims that the camera’s slit scan illumination and rolling shutter mechanism improve its ability to photograph pupils as small as 2.0mm.

According to developers, the processing speed of the NW500 exceeds that of the company’s existing TRC-NW400 retinal camera. Topcon also points out that thanks to the device’s full automation and touch-screen control, technicians at your practice will be able to capture the fundus images, freeing up your time as the doctor to assess the scans and care for your patients.

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