Dry Eye Care

Tear Stimulation
Allergan’s TrueTear Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator temporarily increases tear production in adult patients, according to the company. TrueTear is a handheld stimulator with disposable tips that is inserted into the nasal cavity to induce the production of tears. 

Visit www.allergan.com.

New Punctal Plug, Lid Cleanser
Oasis Medical now offers a new medium-term punctal occluder, as well as eyelid and lash pre-soaked pads. 

The Soft Plug Extended Duration 180 is canalicular and made of an absorbable polydioxanone material. Oasis says it can last up to 180 days and is available in three sizes. 

The Lid & Lash cleansing pads (available with or without tea tree oil) are pre-soaked with the original pump formulation for daily eyelid and lash cleansing and hydration. It comes in a count of 60 pads for a true full-month

Visit www.oasismedical.com.


Blue Light-Blocking Reading Glasses 
Eschenbach’s Polinelli reading glasses block 30% of blue light, and also block UVA and UVB, according to the company. Three AR coatings offer better contrast and sharpness when viewing digital devices, according to Eschenbach.

The thin polycarbonate lenses feature spring-hinge temples. Choose from +1.00D up to +2.50D in 0.50 increments, plus some options up to +4.00D for patients with higher magnification needs. 

Visit www.eschenbach.com.  

Diagnostic Equipment

Slit Lamp Camera Attachment
Haag-Streit’s Fundus Module 300 allows non-mydriatic fundus imaging during the slit lamp exam; it attaches directly to the biomicroscope for full, stable exam integration, according to the company. It is compatible with BQ 900, BP 900, BI 900 and BM 900 model slit lamps by Haag-Streit, and can be used in combination with the IM 900 or IM 600. Captured images are transferred to Haag-Streit’s EyeSuite software. 

Visit hsdriven.com/fundus.