If your practice is engaged in myopia control efforts—or would like to be—a new tool from Haag-Streit aims to help by measuring axial length and performing keratometry. Called Lenstar Myopia, the device combines the company’s Lenstar 900 optical biometer with software for myopia assessment called EyeSuite Myopia. 

The software is based on the latest research into refractive progression trends, axial length growth and environmental factors, according to Haag-Streit. The company says algorithms will be updated to reflect regional differences in demographics as they become available.

To educate patients and parents about likely progression rates with and without intervention, the software produces charts that depict the impact of various myopia control efforts, even including environmental factors like outdoor time. These graphic visualizations also track the efficacy of interventions over time.

To learn more, visit haag-streit-usa.com.