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New Smartphone Optic Nerve Analyzer Catches Disease

The proof-of-concept platform uses deep neural networks to identify ONH changes with 97% accuracy, study finds.
July 8, 2021

Portable Visual Field Analyzer Shows Promise

The VisuAll demonstrated results comparable to SAP and may reduce the chances of patient-dependent artifacts.
April 13, 2021

New Language Options Enhance AMD Screenings

You can now conduct dark adaptation testing in seven different languages.
April 3, 2021

Fast Phoropter Offers Three-Minute Refractions

Essilor Instruments says its new device allows smooth and instant transition between multiple dioptric powers.
April 3, 2021

Vision Tester Fine-Tunes Correction of Eye Misalignment

Neurolens introduces a next-generation device that it says is 80% smaller and 35% faster than its predecessor.
April 2, 2021

Digital Refraction System Empowers Staff, Speeds Exams

Techs can estimate the Rx with greater accuracy, reducing chairtime with the OD, when using the newest Visionix system, Luneau says.
April 2, 2021

Ocular Surface Temperature May Help Diagnose Dry Eye

Readings were higher in eyes with a more unstable tear film, study finds.
March 10, 2021

Visual Acuity Apps Score High Marks For Telehealth

At-home vision testing with these methods has the potential to detect and monitor chronic conditions.
March 4, 2021

Zero G Conditions Distort the Posterior Globe

One year after returning to Earth, anterior displacement still hadn’t fully resolved.
February 12, 2021

Prosthetic Vision Device Testing Deemed Ineffective

A recent study suggests test results don’t tell us as much as we think they do.
February 2, 2021