As society shifts toward a more technology-reliant lifestyle in which screen use is ubiquitous, the number of people suffering from dry eye continues to climb each year. It’s more important now than ever that clinicians perform objective tests on patients experiencing signs or symptoms to help them receive timely and proper treatment. One metric to help diagnose and determine severity of the condition is tear osmolarity. Several osmometers exist in the US market, but a recent addition called the ScoutPro from Trukera Medical (TearLab’s new company name) deviates from its competitors as the first handheld version of the device, according to the company. A press release notes that the ScoutPro enables both nanoliter volume sample collection and analysis to be performed from anywhere in the practice and offers quick test results “in the palm of your hand.”

The device is rechargeable with a battery life of eight hours. The charging base takes up less shelf space than some others and comes with an optional wall mount, Trukera says. The top of the ScoutPro uses what the company calls “VeriLyte technology” for specimen collection and analysis. The small screen on the device displays results shortly after each test and can store the recent scores, the company says. Trukera’s website also notes that the test cards are interchangeable with those in the first-generation TearLab osmolarity system. 

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