Following the recent launch this past August of the company’s virtual reality–based platform for visual field testing, Heru just released a software update that allows for three additional testing modalities: color vision, contrast sensitivity and dark adaptation. Plus, all the tests fall under CPT codes and are billable to insurance, according to the company. 

Two color vision tests are now offered to screen patients for color blindness—the Ishihara and the Farnsworth D-15—the second of which will begin performing automatically if a patient fails the first, says Heru. 

The new contrast sensitivity exam can be done in natural lighting, so you don’t have to bother dimming the room for every patient, Heru said in a press release. This kind of test is particularly useful for screening or monitoring patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Heru says, as it can help track subtle and slow-changing effects of diminishing vision. 

The third test added to the platform measures dark adaptation, which may also aid in early detection of AMD.

By having the option to screen every patient who walks into your office for ocular disease such as AMD, more cases can be detected and treated sooner, the company suggests.

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