If you want to improve the accuracy of your EOM exams—and reduce the time it takes to perform them—a new product from RightEye aims to help, the company says. Called RightEye Sensorimotor, the device is a tablet with an eye tracker and custom software that administers oculomotor tests and then produces documentation of the results.

Because the test can be run with minimal input from an operator, doctors are able to remove this element from their exams and delegate it to a technician in the pretest area, the company suggests. A tech can conduct a screening in less than 30 seconds; then if deemed medically necessary by the doctor, a more comprehensive sensorimotor exam can be completed in under five minutes, RightEye explains.

RightEye Sensorimotor
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Available tests include nine-point motor function, near point of convergence, cardinal gaze assessment, Worth 4-dot, fixation stability, randot testing, saccades/pursuits and other measures of binocular function. The company says the device meets CPT requirements as a billable test of sensorimotor function. 

The data generated can give clinicians better documentation of a patient’s status upon identification of a problem, which can then be used as a baseline for comparison in follow-up visits.

For more information, visit www.righteye.com