Total30 contact lenses from Alcon.

For the population of contact lens wearers who prefer reusable over daily disposable lenses, Alcon says its newest offering is intended to offer a level of comfort that’s as good on the last day of wear as on the first.

Total30 is made from a new material called lehfilcon A that has a 55% water content at the core and up to 100% at the surface—the same water gradient concept of the company’s Dailies Total1 and Precision1 product lines— which Alcon says enhances its moisture, oxygen transmission and comfort. It’s also coated with a new copolymer that the company says resists adhesion of  bacteria, proteins and lipids to help ensure comfort and safety, while also promoting water retention. 

Alcon describes the copolymer gel as mimicking natural cell membrane surfaces of the eye, and calls this feature “Celligent technology” in its marketing of the product. The company says that studies show the lens surface is able to remain intact through a 30-day regimen of daily cleaning, disinfecting and storing. Alcon also notes that tests of the lens after being worn found it to maintain “surface softness” and argues that this can be considered a correlate for patient comfort.

The lenses will be available in sphere powers of -12.00D to +8.00D beginning next month, ahead of previously announced timing. The company has also previously noted that toric and multifocal options are slated for future product line extensions.

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