Contact Lenses
1-Day Acuvue TruEye
Vistakon recently introduced 1-Day Acuvue TruEye (narafilcon A) silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses to the US market. The narafilcon A product will gradually replace 1-Day Acuvue TruEye (narafilcon B), which was launched in the US in 2010. The narafilcon B product was only being used in the US and a few Caribbean countries, while the narafilcon A product, launched in 2008, has become the standard throughout Europe, Japan and other international markets.

While both versions share most of the same material properties, they are different products. One key difference is that the narafilcon A product is available in two base curves (8.5 and 9.0), allowing more patients to be fit with this lens, and has a DK/t of 118 for increased oxygen transmissibility with minimal impact to modulus.

1-Day Acuvue TruEye (narafilcon A) lenses, which are only sold in packs of 90, are now available at some US offices, with distribution expected to grow throughout the coming months.


iSight Contact Lens Line
GP Specialists rebranded its entire custom made-to-order soft contact lens product line with the name iSight. This includes the designs the company acquired through its purchase of American BioCurve in 2011. The company says it now offers “one of the largest portfolios of made-to-order products in the industry,” which include:

  • iSight DW sphere and toric contact lenses
  • iSight Gold sphere and toric contact lenses
  • iSight SiHy silicone hydrogel sphere and toric contact lenses
  • iSight MCL multifocal sphere and toric contact lenses
  • iSight Aphakic contact lenses
  • iSight Pediatric contact lenses


AP-7000 Automated Perimeter
Kowa’s next-generation automated perimeter, the AP-7000, offers an extensive variety of test strategies and screening programs. Full-threshold modes offer macular, central and peripheral coverage up to 80º, while screening modes provide swift evaluation of the visual field for relative or absolute scotomas. To shorten test times, quick modes are available for both threshold and screening modes, according to Kowa.

Special features include perimetry on fundus images, easy touch-screen operation with a tabbed user interface, kinetic perimetry, chronological analysis over time and advanced network connectivity. By automatically correlating the fundus image (from a fundus camera, OCT or SLO) with the static visual field, early detection of glaucoma is possible, the company says.


Exam Room Equipment
Kinetic Intelligent Exam Console

Eye Designs recently unveiled its Kinetic Intelligent Exam Console, a new exam lane system designed to address the daily requirements of the medical profession and meet the challenges presented by constant use of the exam room desk, sink, computer and other essential components.

The solid-surface countertop with radius corners, solid-surface sink bowls and hands-free electronic faucet are included to facilitate best sanitation and hygiene practices. Constructed with a water-resistant core, the sink bases won’t be damaged by plumbing leaks or accidental overflow, the company says.

Built-in wire management keeps all wiring and cords out of sight under the cabinet and the built-in computer/printer station cabinets are equipped with ventilation ports. The console features a locking medical record drawer for HIPAA compliance, and locking medicine cabinet and drawers to secure extra supplies and medicine.

The smart office accessory wall panel includes chart holders, a bulletin board, phone holder, literature holders, tissue and glove dispensers and shelves for additional supplies.

Electronic ophthalmic control panel integration and an optional trial lens drawer are also available. Visit

Low Vision
Ocutech SightScope Flip

The new SightScope from Ocutech could provide a new option for patients who have had visual impairment since birth, as well as for seniors suffering from macular degeneration. These specially designed glasses allow for convenient switching of line-of-sight between the carrier lenses and the telescope with just a slight head tilt. Patients can simply flip the telescope out of the way when it’s not required.

For patients with negligible distance prescriptions, you may either attach the SightScope clip-on demonstrator onto their own distance eyeglasses or use the SightScope mounted on the demonstrator frame. For patients with significant distance refractive error, attach the SightScope clip-on demonstrator onto their own distance eyeglasses.

  • 1.7x is indicated for visual acuity of 20/50 or better for viewing distances beyond five feet away (32.5º binocular field of view/26º monocular field of view).
  • 2.2x is indicated for visual acuity of 20/80 or better for viewing distances beyond six feet away (22.5º binocular field of view/ 18º monocular field of view).

The SightScope is completely adjustable, has standard and custom frame options, a wide field of view and a built-in sunshield that reduces glare and reflections. You can prescribe for bioptic or full-diameter positions as well as binocular or monocular options.


EHR Integration
With new built-in bidirectional integration between First Insight’s MaximEyes EHR software and Reichert’s Auto Phoroptor RS Refraction System, eye care providers will save time and improve efficiency, the companies say.

This integration allows users to quickly move through the refraction process by uploading lensometer or autorefractor data directly into a MaximEyes EHR patient exam record, then exporting the final data (i.e., manifest refractions, pupillary distance and unaided VA) from MaximEyes EHR to Reichert’s Auto Phoroptor RS Refraction System.


Dragon Mansfield
The Mansfield, the latest offering from Dragon for Spring 2013, fuses modern simplicity with a timeless silhouette.

Largely inspired by Hollywood sex symbol Jayne Mansfield, the virtually frameless design features a four-base polycarbonate shield lens, stamped metal plaque inlay on the temple and external metal rivets.

The frame is available in a variety of cool hues, including matte black, matte tortoise, Palm Springs pool, and black and white.


Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection
The Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 Eyewear Collection marries elegant designs with creativity in colors and materials. The Fendi logos are interpreted in a number of different ways, incorporating metal accents, Swarovski jewels and temple cutouts.







  • FS5331. Inspired by the chic 2Jours oversized leather tote bag, this design features butterfly-shaped lenses and a stylish metal detail that runs along the brow line. It’s available in black, gray, cream, Havana and vintage/Havana.

  • FS5284/F1018. FS5284, the optical version of F1018, incorporates a zyl frame with large square lenses. Patterned frame fronts connect to contrasting colored temples that are wood-inspired for a unique look. They are available in black, striped brown/gold, marble brown and Havana green.

  • F1030. A strong, dark zyl accents colorful frame fronts along the brow line, and the temples feature the iconic Fendi Pequin pattern and small metal accent pieces. This style is available in black/Havana, black/brown, black/red, Havana/beige and Havana/rose.

  • F1036. Geek chic describes this injected frame, with classic large square frame fronts offset by contrasting colored temples. The “F” Fendi logo starts at the temple endpiece and runs halfway down the temple to add sophistication. It’s available in black, classic black, brown, Havana, blonde Havana and bordeaux.


  • FS5335. Inspired by the classic wayfarer shape, this masculine frame features square lenses surrounded by brilliant zyl. Unique features like a keyhole nose bridge and yellow hinges make this frame stand out. It’s available in black, Havana and vintage Havana.


  • F1027. Classic large square frame fronts in solid colors make this men’s optical extremely wearable. Striped, wood inspired temples complete with the Fendi logo and yellow hinges add a stylish feel to this men’s optical frame with classic, large square frame fronts. It’s available in black, Havana, green gradient and dark red gradient.