Optometrists who are interested in sharpening their ability to detect diabetic retinopathy early, track its progress with greater precision and educate patients on their role in mitigating its effects may wish to download a new report commissioned by LKC Technologies, makers of the RetEval ERG device.

Modern Fundamentals of Diabetic Retinopathy Management in Optometry
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Called Modern Fundamentals of Diabetic Retinopathy Management in Optometry, the report presents a consensus statement from 14 optometric experts in diabetic retinopathy. The group articulates what it considers to be the five pillars of care for DR patients: (1) detect, (2) grade, (3) assess risk, (4) manage and (5) support. The experts provide concise recommendations on the OD’s role in each responsibility. The consensus statement also highlights the emerging role of ERG in detecting functional loss from DR that may precede structural damage and how to integrate this component into clinical protocols using RetEval.

The goal, says LKC in a press release, is to present a simplified framework for DR management that will allow optometrists to confidently care for the growing population of individuals with diabetes.

The report can be downloaded here. Over the coming months, LKC says, the task force will also be providing additional in-depth explanations and responding to FAQs in optometry’s print publications and at continuing education venues.