Study Questions Value of 10-2 Pattern in Glaucoma

The 24-2 test alone may be sufficient to detect defects in the central visual field.

NTG: Risks for Contralateral Conversion Revealed

Among patients with unilateral presentations, 19.7% experience fellow-eye changes within five years.

Choroidal Thickness Linked with AMD

This metric was positively associated with pigmentary abnormalities and medium drusen.

Closed-eye Tear Dynamics Play Role in DED

Neutrophils demonstrated increased secondary granule degranulation.

Autistic Children at Higher Risk of Ocular Disorders

Study shows they are 13.5% more likely to develop conditions such as amblyopia and optic neuropathy.

Microvascular Dropout Common in Early POAG

This choroidal change was more than seven times higher in open-angle eyes than those with PACG.

Arkansas ODs Victorious Against Referendum

The court rules that the medical lobby didn’t meet the requirements to put the issue on the general-election ballot.

SITA Faster Lags in Reliability

Although the Faster method was quicker, its detection of early glaucoma cases was questionable.

Reoperation Rates after RD Vary with Age

Older patients were more likely to need more than one procedure for noncomplex RD repair.

Cell Injection Therapy Shows Good Long-term Results

Normal corneal thickness was attained in 10 of 11 eyes at five years.

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