No Ocular Motor Conflict Found in Intermittent Exotropia Patients

Study shows intermittent exotropia isn’t driven by accommodative convergence alone, nor associated with over-accommodation secondary to fusional convergence efforts.

Strabismus Can Improve Children’s Reading, Drawing Post-op

These findings should be considered when deliberating the indications for surgery.

Chronic Dry Eye Hinders Career Success

The impact was in some ways comparable to that of severe disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Conjunctival Vessel Density Correlates with Ocular Redness

This anterior segment OCT-A parameter may help objectively measure severity.

Standardized Thresholds Needed for Myopia Research

Researchers offered a crude estimate of a conversion rate to compare studies that use different definitions.

CCT May Indicate Myopia Progression

Study shows central corneal thickness was negatively correlated with the speed of spherical equivalent change and axial length elongation.

Repeated Anti-VEGF Has Protective Effect on Ocular Surface

Frequent antisepsis of the eyelids reduces microbial load, staving off meibomian gland disease.

Study Highlights Importance of Community-based Vision Screening

More than 78% of high-risk individuals failed and 66% were referred to ophthalmology due to cataracts, retinal abnormalities or other ocular disease findings that may have gone undetected.

One in Eight Glaucomatous Eyes Progresses Fast

These findings highlight the clinical importance of assessing progressive central visual field loss, researchers say.

Visual Field Loss a High Predictor in Stroke Study

This factor’s severe impairment was found in patients with acute cases.