Papillomacular, Papillofoveal Bundle Defects Correlate to Central VF Abnormalities

Using a novel imaging modality, researchers found that these findings were prevalent in eyes with glaucoma and increased the likelihood of a defect in the corresponding central VF 10-2 test locations.

Correlating OCT-A and Fundus Photography Findings Increases Sensitivity of NPDR Assessment

Evaluating both capillary status and microaneurysm turnover together reveals more information about how and where nonperfusion develops than either alone.

Rate of DME Increases with High Blood Pressure, DR Severity and Other Factors

Study finds a mix of ocular, systemic and demographic factors influencing disease course.

Personalized Wet AMD Management with At-Home OCT Possible

While from a small study of 27 eyes, recent findings showed an almost 50% reduction in treatment burden while maintaining stable visual acuity.

NAION Diagnostic Workup Lacks Consensus Among Subspecialists, Survey Finds

Despite this variability, there was considerable agreement in referring patients for certain risk factors.

HRF Present in Most DME Patients, May Be Linked to Severity

Higher volumes correlated with disease worsening, greater central subfield thickness and presence of cystoid IRF.

Study Deems Botox Safe Alternative to Surgery for Childhood Esotropia

The intervention may be preferable in patients with earlier onset of the partially accommodative form—2.5 years or younger—while older kids seemed to fare best with unilateral R&R.

Low-dose Aspirin Not Effective in Preventing AMD

The regimen also wasn’t helpful in slowing or preventing progression of the disease.

Study: Omega-3 Use for 12 Weeks Did Not Improve Dry Eye Symptoms

However, the regimen might prevent worsening of meibomian gland dropout in the condition.

Some Types of Exercise Can Lower IOP, Others Raise It

These temporary effects may have a role to play in glaucoma management, literature review suggests.

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