Tackle Lid Hygiene with New Wellness Regimen

Bruder to package its product line into take-home kit for patients.

OCT-A on Par with FA for New Vessel Growth

The noninvasive technique even showed greater sensitivity in some cases.

Foveal Changes Detected in CSC

This finding was made possible with the help of OCT-A.

Coating Doesn’t Impede Scleral Lenses

Any changes it causes are clinically and statistically insignificant.

DR Severity Drives Post-op Visual Acuity Gains

Still, this wasn’t always the case in eyes with a higher baseline VA before the procedure.

Sleep Apnea Damages Meibomian Glands

Upper airway obstruction during sleep leads to gland loss, which plays an important part in tear dysfunction.

Myopia Unaffected by Low Neonatal Vitamin D

Seasonal variation at birth didn’t appear to increase myopia risk in adult males.

Severe Dry Eye Pain Linked to Systemic Issues

Some patients with intense ocular discomfort had a history of fibromyalgia and depression.

Radiation Therapy Exacerbates Dry Eye

Patients with orbital-type lymphoma are more susceptible to meibomian gland damage after treatment.

Eye Care Private Equity Acquisitions on the Rise

Deep-pocketed firms are putting more money than ever into optometry and ophthalmology offices.

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February 8, 2020

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February 9, 2020

Dry Eye Colloquium—New York
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February 14-17, 2020

Annual Winter Ophthalmic Conference
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