The momentum toward daily disposable contact lenses in recent years leaves open an opportunity for innovation in other modalities, Alcon believes, and next year the company will launch a new monthly replacement contact lens called Total30. The lens will use the same water gradient design found in its DailiesTotal1 product line; the similar naming is intended to help patients and practitioners see the two lenses as a family with similar design characteristics but different replacement schedules.

The Total30 launch will begin with a spherical lens at an unspecified date next year, with toric and multifocal options to follow within 12 to 18 months. Alcon announced the new lens this morning at a press briefing during the SECO 2021 conference.

At the same event, the company described a next-generation version of its iLux device coming in the second half of 2021. The new model, called  Systane iLux2, will include a camera that can perform meibography and demonstrate the results to patients immediately after the procedure. Alcon says the device allows high resolution visualization rather than simple magnification. Under the company’s “No Reason to Wait” program, practices can purchase the current device on the market and then apply that cost to the next-gen one when it launches later this year.