The Scientific Program Committee of the American Academy of Optometry is very excited to bring you more cutting-edge research and new perspectives on clinical cases this year, all presented in a virtual format for your viewing from a safe environment. This year, attendees will have close to 500 papers and posters to sift through to find the ones that match their interest.

Scientific Program

Visit the Academy's Event Planner to see the latest research presented this year.

All the Scientific Program presentations have been scheduled between Wednesday, October 7 and Saturday, October 10 with presentations starting no earlier than 11am Eastern Time and extending until late in the evening to accommodate the schedule of attendees. Presentations within a paper session could be delivered live or pre-recorded, but presenting authors will be available to answer questions live at the end of each presentation even if the presentation was pre-recorded.

Another new feature this year is to have the posters in a given topic area scheduled for presentation either immediately before or after the paper session in that same category with the authors of the posters available to answer questions live at these scheduled times. Also, all the posters will be available for viewing over an extended period of time from Wednesday, October 7 to Thursday, October 22 with attendees being able to send questions to the authors at any time using the chat box, and the authors replying via email at their convenience.

We are confident that attendees will want to log in to the poster sessions and learn the exciting new developments live and first hand from the authors themselves.