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Onward to 2021

With Academy 2020 in the history books, we have wrapped our coverage of the event. We thank our partners at the Academy for the access they provided so that we could report on the meeting as it happened, and the lecturers who shared their expertise with the community. We look forward to what’s in store for next year.  Organizers are already working on plans for an in-person event in Boston, November 3-6, 2021. Check for updates as the date approaches.

In the Lecture Hall

Education Program Recaps

Screen Time: Disruptive, But Not Inherently Destructive

Using devices may affect young people, but be wary of how research frames it.

The Intersection of the OD and DR

This session called on optometrists to get more deeply involved with diabetic eye care.

OCT Moves to Forefront of DR Care

Multimodal imaging offers a better way to accurately stage the condition.

When to Start Thinking Low Vision

Never be afraid to start the conversation with simple recommendations—most patients will appreciate it.

Presbyopia Management Demystified

Attendees of yesterday’s session left armed with a game plan to tackle this growing need in their office.

The Case For a Patient-Centered Glaucoma Approach

Speakers urge attendees to move beyond intraocular pressure lowering toward more meaningful glaucoma assessment.

Prescribing Prism with Prowess

Attendees at a live presentation learned how to best handle esophoria, exophoria and diplopia.

Neuro Referral Tips for General-practice ODs

Allay your fears and learn which ocular presentations should convince ODs to continue monitoring or refer to the ED or a neuro specialist.

Navigating Visual Impairments and Disabilities

With the appropriate knowledge and understanding, practitioners can get their patients the care they need.

Academy Showcases Top-Tier Research Papers

Science took center stage at a busy program covering myopia control, presbyopia drops, diabetic eye disease, IOP dynamics and more.

Diabetes and Arthritis and Heart Disease—Oh, My!

Yesterday’s Plenary session gave attendees actionable information to help them better manage systemic conditions in their offices.

Previews of Key Courses

Note: some events may have already occurred. Please see the date and time listed for each.

Conquer Corneal Dystrophies

Learn to recognize and manage the many unique conditions.

Amblyopia: Not a Vision-Robbing Monster

If you strategize treatment correctly, you can preserve patients’ vision. This session will teach you how.

Myopia: A Childhood Epidemic

With the condition’s prevalence expected to skyrocket, ODs must take advantage of the management tools at their disposal today.

Ezell Fellows Present: A Closer Look at Imaging

Advances in clinical imaging provide a deeper understanding of corneal pathology, glaucoma risk factors and the structure-function relationship in retinal degenerations.

Protect the Eye From a Surface Attack

The Anterior Segment Section’s four-part symposium teaches you how the heavy artillery of corneal care can fortify a compromised ocular surface.

How to Get Ahead of Optic Nerve Disease

Learn at this year’s Larry Gray Memorial Symposium how OCT can help manage patients with demyelinating disease and optic neuritis.

The State of Eye Care Today

Get the latest insights on therapeutics with this two-part educational lecture from the field’s most popular duo.

Addressing Diversity in Today’s Optometric Practice

Speakers will tackle the challenges of fostering a more inclusive culture in schools, colleges and clinics.

Gaze into the Future

Take a peek at the cutting-edge research that could impact optometry and the visually impaired.

Glaucoma: Prioritize the Patient, Not the Disease

Better understanding what they experience will help practitioners execute more successful management plans.

The Dark Side of Contact Lens Noncompliance

Tonight’s session will help you understand what’s at stake… and how to stop it.

From the Academy

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Meet the Faculty

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2020 Ocular Photography Contest

The Academy once again showcases stunning imagery during its annual event.

Student and Resident Events

ODs-in-training get complimentary access, made possible by our industry partners.

Scientific Program Papers and Posters

Find out what optometric researchers have discovered!

2020 Academy Awards: Honoring Visionaries

Find inspiration in the awardees’ contributions to the advancement of optometry and vision science.

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