In this year's 10th Annual Presbyopia Report, Review explores the latest advances and techniques in PALs, multifocal contact lenses and IOLs:

Get Down To Brass Tacks with PALs. Make sure not to overwhelm patients with technical jargon. Keep the conversation focused on what they’ll be doing with the lenses. By Timothy Coronis, A.B.O.C.-N.C.L.E.

How a Multifocal Contact Lens Is Born. What goes into a multifocal contact lens before it goes into your patient’s eye? Three lens designers answer. By Christine Sindt, O.D., Co-Chief Clinical Editor

Current and Cutting-Edge IOLs for Presbyopia. Here is a brief review of currently available presbyopia-correcting IOLs, as well as a preview of four new lenses on the not-so-distant horizon. By Michael Hoster, Associate Editor