Review’s biennial Office Design Contest is not only an opportunity for optometrists to showcase their spaces, but to share their inspiration and, in some cases, their personality. At the same time, the goal is to enhance the overall patient experience. The ODs behind each of this year’s winning practices did exactly that—adding the latest technology, having better functionality to accommodate all types of patients (as well as their staff) and integrating bold and unique features to help patients feel more at ease.

We look forward to conducting this contest every other year and we know you do, too, based on the feedback, responses and general excitement we can feel, even through e-mail. This year, we received the most entries out of all the years we’ve held this contest—more than 40 practices! Our judges were blown away with the imagination and creativity behind each space, and they know a thing or two, considering they were winners previously.

The video below showcases the wide display of design photos submitted by the contest entrants. We urge you to check it out, as it might inspire you to reimagine your own office space. 

From modern and contemporary to comfortable and inviting, this year’s winners have the ‘wow’ factor and will transport you to a peaceful place. They include a zen-like Japanese-inspired garden, a relaxing spa area for dry eye treatments and a unique contact lens bar.

Watch the slideshow above, pick your faves, then scroll down for a celebration of this year’s winners!


 Ideal Eyecare, Norman, OK
Anna Hughes, OD

Let’s be honest—most people either aren’t exactly relaxed or excited to go to any kind of doctor’s office. So, when Anna Hughes, OD, started envisioning her optometry space back in 2021, converting it from a dental practice (and doing quite a bit of the demolition herself), she wanted to change that mindset and have patients be completely at ease as they step into her office. She did that and more, creating a calm, zen-like space, just how judge Brad Bodkin, OD, described it.

“This is a very inviting, comfortable space—almost zen-like with that entryway,” he says.

Adds Dr. Hughes, “I wanted my new office space to inspire patients and my staff to see beauty and feel relaxed when coming to this building.”

Before even stepping in the front door, a fun set of teal glasses hangs outside the building—a welcoming sign, pun intended—greeting patients as they park. Because of its easy visibility from a distance, Dr. Hughes says it’s brought in new patients who frequently tell her they live down the street. “Using the hanging pair of glasses outside is a nice touch to help passersby know exactly what is going on inside,” Dr. Bodkin adds.

Once inside, you are greeted with an open and spacious area with tall ceilings and wood shiplap. The pretest and exam rooms are full of color and one of them is fitted specifically to easily convert into a wheelchair exam lane.

“Before we would have to move a heavy exam chair. Also, I now have a truly ADA bathroom and front desk to that allows easy visibility and access for my wheel chair bound patients to check out,” Dr. Hughes says.

The biggest part of this space that makes it feel the most peaceful is a zen rock garden, a project inspired by Dr. Hughes’ sister, who moved to Japan.

“When I started learning more about the culture and different gardens in Japan, especially the zen gardens, it intrigued me since I like to garden,” Dr. Hughes explains. “I thought, what a perfect place to have something so peaceful. I look out and gives me a sense of well-being and I’m trying to create that space for my patients, too. The waiting room isn’t the most fun place to be; you can get anxious or get bored, and this garden is visibly interesting to look at and gives you an overall sense of calmness.”

1st Runner-up

eyeXam Optometry, Newport Beach, CA
Nikki Iravani, OD

When you walk into a space that has marble floors and double chandeliers, you’d think you were in a beautiful mansion, but this lavish, modern space is what greets every patient at eyeXam Optometry of Southern California.

“This is a very modern and sleek design,” says judge Dr. Brad Boykin. “I love that they keep the theme with the 45-degree lines throughout the design.”

“The captivating graphics display a great attention to detail, while the wonderful lighting design adds a touch of ambiance and elegance,” judge Garrett Wada, OD, says.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Dr. Iravani created this space with the intention of having it flow nicely for patients and staff, alike. This includes a substantial-sized pretesting room in the heart of the office that has double doors on both sides allowing for entry of patients from all sides.

A unique part of this space is the eyeSpa, a dedicated room for dry eye treatment to perform OptiLight IPL and LipiFlow in a spa-like ambiance.

“We want our patients to be comfortable in a spa bed with dimmed lighting while listening to relaxing music in an aesthetically pleasing room,” Dr. Iravani says. “Each patient gets a warm blanket and pillow, as well as a hydrating hand mask during their session. In addition, every patient is offered the appropriate skin care products for post-treatment care."

One thing the judges couldn’t get enough of is the contact lens bar, which has a long counter with built-in sinks, mirrors and iPads with training videos that allow patients and staff to work together for quality training. This area is ideal while training children for myopia management contact lenses and in the presence of parents and other family members. Additionally, all contact lenses are nicely arranged in built in "contact lens vaults."

“I can’t praise it enough—it’s a very cool way to do that,” Dr. Bodkin says.

“I particularly appreciate the long dispensing bench seating, which not only provides functionality but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal,” Dr. Wada says. “The overall execution of the design is truly commendable and has left a lasting impression on me.”

“We created this space with the intention of elevating eye care and introducing a fresh new experience to patients visiting the optometrist,"  Dr. Iravani says. “Our patients really appreciate  our attention to detail, the luxurious experience and of course our state-of-the-art technology and equipment for their comprehensive vision examination."

2nd Runner-up

Arena Eye Care, Sacramento, CA
rister l. Holmberg, OD

Clean and contemporary were the words used to describe our second runner-up, Arena Eye Care. “The contemporary design truly stands out, creating a sense of modernity and sophistication,” Wada, OD, says. “The open area concept adds a refreshing touch, while the sleek and stylish elements enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.”

It’s quite a difference from the cramped feel Dr. Krister Holmberg described his office before undergoing a complete renovation.

“The office has a much more contemporary/modern aesthetic now, but we did our best to make it not feel sterile,” Dr. Holmberg says. “We totally redesigned the optical area so the aesthetic is much more modern and consumer friendly. We also emphasized the quality of the lighting throughout the building. Patients love how easy it is to see the frames in the displays.”

“I must commend the wonderful design of the front desk area, which adds a touch of professionalism and elegance,” adds Dr. Wada. “Additionally, the frame display styling adds a unique and captivating element to the overall design.”

This new office has a larger optical area, reception area, two private offices, two pretest rooms, two diagnostic rooms, a large easily accessible diagnostic contact lens closet, six exam lanes and a new in-office lab that’s three times as big as previously, Dr. Holmberg notes.

“Not only are we not on top of each other any more, but we have lots of room for growth,” he says.

Dr. Holmberg added a fourth exam room along with two additional exam rooms that will be equipped as the practice grows. Upgrading equipment was also essential, which included a new visual field machine and an intense pulsed light device. They are also in the process of upgrading their OCT to the latest model.

“All of this allows us to work more efficiently, it adds to the modern feel of the practice and ultimately allows us to practice at a higher level,” Dr. Holmberg says. “Also, patients are much more excited about their experience, so we are getting a lot more first-hand referrals.”


Honorable Mentions

These three offices also stood out by crafting unique expressions shaped by their personalities and practice setting.

1. Eastern Virginia Eye Associates, Chesapeake Beach, VA
Shane Swatts, OD
Leah Ramos, OD
Courtney Kness, OD
Adam Kunovski, OD
Sadia Kalsoom, OD


2. See La Vie Eyecare & EyewearBryn Mawr, PA
Kayla Volbert, OD


3. Urban Eyecare, Phoenix, AZ
Jason Klepfisz, OD